#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford



Langford’s vision is better at this stage also.

Langford hits targets where he shouldn’t


I’m finding ‘a’ Kyle, to be triggering me


When the ■■■■ have I trolled about mental health items? If you’re going to call me out for doing something at least get it fkg right.


From what was said and transpired through the season it was a learning curve for Kyle (and the coaches too I suspect) for him to work on becoming the player the coaches wanted him to be.
He and the coaches should be confident he can indeed play in that role, and they can build upon this over the preseason and the years ahead to make him into a key player for us.


Problem with Francis is he has so much ability that he doesn’t know when to pull it back and do the stock standard option. Roger Federer suffered similar challenges at the beginining of his career. Just had too many shots at his disposal… I rate Francis’ kicking as good as anyone in the AFL. Won’t forget seeing the Richmond game where his deft chips, angled precise passes and then bullets cut the tigers apart. My mate (a Richmond supporter) suggested that he was somewhat of an artist… it’s for this reason that I’m confident that he becomes a better player than McGovern. A genius with ball in hand.


Does it all really matter - it all just adds to the rich tapestry that is blitz


We are here to view the tapestries.


How dare he


God I used to have a crush on her.

“I was the next man dad…”


some blitzers love throwing around the ‘■■■■ off and follow carlton’ line.


Alex, you are a world of contradictions. If you act like a Dik, best to not get upset when people treat you like a Dik.


True. But some blitzers couldn’t get their lid off if we got a 3peat either.

If you are on blitz, maybe ensure at least more than 5% of your posts aren’t actually bagging the team you supposedly support.

*Not aimed at you


As my name would suggest Langford is one of my favourites. Where’s the highlights package @Killer_Mike


I do find myself quietly wondering what The Langford’s ceiling is.

Could be extraordinary.


He has the ability to play the Hird role imo. Damaging on ball,and floating or resting forward n snagging a goal or two.
Now Im not saying as good as Hird,not at all.

But he can end up that big bodied 25 possession 1-2 goal a game player,like Hirdy was.


Feisty you are


Mate, if you don’t like it fark off and follow carlton.


Mate I’m only here for trade and draft Months and the nuggs thread.


Fair enough then.


Both of you, fark off and follow fark carlton.