#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Well that degenerated quickly.


In Colorado with a few of the boys


Is it Hooker and TBell that have joined in?


Smack, Irish, Raz, and Zaka


Rocking shorts in the snow. An Aussie thing. :laughing:


Sort of surprised that the club ticks this off . I know so many people that have broken bones skiing/boarding .


Love the group that’s gone there and paid their own way.

Zaka - has always done this and has set a great standard of pre-pre season
Fantasia - ultimate professional that will do anything to get to that elite bracket
Langford - knows the expectation on him from internal and external - wants to be our main inside mid
Smack - what a revelation this guy has become and still could be. Ceiling is unknown even at 29 next year. Could be a 40 goal forward/chop out ruck.
Irish - What committment this shows from our irish boy. Superstar.


What’s Colyer doing there


Have I got it completely wrong . They are training ?


You’ve not known about the Colorado altitude training pre pre season trip that’s been going on for the best part of a decade??


I’ll never forget seeing them pushing a plough through snow a few years ago.
That was brutal.
Which is why I always laugh at people calling players soft or lazy.
I’d be going, ‘that plough looks pretty good where it is.’


To be fair, we only did a couple.
Some players did a couple more themselves.
Zaka kept doing them.
Now it seems he’s getting significant company.


I’d just call ‘Mr. Plow’. :wink:


I remember the whole team went for a pre-season to Boulder a few years back and I think it was around the time of the saga and the players seemed to really hit the ground running at the start of the season and they seemed to get a lot out of it. (I think the team may have went back the year after/before that as well).

Then Zaka has been going back every year by himself since and seems to keep playing very consistently every year as a result.


with video.


All clubs ditched the overseas training camps when the department caps came in.


Plus we have an altitude room in The Hangar.


always wondered what the long term benefits are.

I’ve always felt like vomiting, dizzy or passing out at altitude. and that’s just doing some gentle exercise.

It must have a persistent effect? I’d see it being great leading up to an event in terms of endurance and lung capacity.


I thought it was well before then that they ditched them. Reboot mentioned the altitude rooms. I thought it was more to do with that


Many years ago I spent about 10 months travelling around South America including 6 months in the Andes. I was regularly doing daily 20km hikes in altitudes between 3,000 metres and 5,000 metres. I arrived back in Melbourne about 9 months after I left South America and got a health assessment at the gym. The guy doing the testing stated that he had never seen a higher lung capacity than mine and I had done little or no fitness work in the intervening time.