#4 Just a Kyle kind of Langford


Last time I had a look, nobody had ever shown a persistent effect.

It has been shown to have a short term effect, once you come back down to lower altitude

You’re acclimatising your lungs to a performing with a certain level of oxygen, then coming back down to sea level with more oxygen and they go berserk.


If the players feel like they hitting preseason in better shape than they normally would good on them for getting over there by choice.

Bonus of being able to ski/snowboard as well which they’d never be able to do normally


Did you keep it up?


Strange thing to ask someone with a little blue avatar.


No - I was only 25 at the time and therefore deluded that I didn’t need to work hard to maintain fitness.

…and, Reboot, I was also young enough so as not to worry about whether I could keep it up either.


Isn’t it good that one of the trainers just happens to be on their holiday there too?


Amazing coincidence


Very sneaky of them. That way they can all claim their holiday as a work expense.


Professional football players ought to be able to claim the lot on their tax, surely?


You mean footballers pay tax?
Surely Gill and Fitzpatrick would have explained how this is completely optional for AFL employees?


Footballers are trying to lobby for Athletes to pay far less tax based on their earnings are condensed to 10-15 years.


I’m fine with that.
They can pay double the tax on any income they earn after they retire.


I’ve never been drunker on two Sierra Nevadas than in Boulder Colorado. And there’s quite a lot of global studies been made.


They can already do that.


I’m pretty sure athletes and entertainers do fall under a different bracket or something. Based on this. There’s certainly a box you can tick.


Personal research? Go for it.


I was aware there was something, but they are continuing to lobby for a much bigger concession


I asked my Mum (accountant) that a while back. They’re allowed to average their income over a 3 or 4 year period so if you play footy on 400k and then return to 80ish the following year after it helps with that but that’s about it AFAIK. @Rossoneri can probably confirm.


Thats how I have always understood it.


4 year averaging, and you can keep it going.
Furthermore, you can opt in to averaging your income while it works for you tax-wise, but opt out at any time when the scales turn. There is then in that case, a lengthy time period (5 years?.. checking…) before you can opt back in.