#4 Kyle Langford. Blitz hates him today


So,given his laid back lack of intensity, the idea could be to equip him on-field with a reclining chair, blanket and a caddy to find the ball?


That’s not a great explanation, though, is it?
Take a look at Hawthorns list over the last 10 years, and notice where and how their players have been played.


Put Laverde’s aggression and intensity into Langford and you would have a very good player.

Langford has played 50 games now, no excuse not to bring the required mindset each week.you are still going to have poor games, but by bringing the right mindset you are giving yourself the best chance at success

He is the kind of player that if he went to another side he would be delisted within 2 years


I reckon we may well be able to test that theory.


Yes. Clarkson is a risk taker in the way in which he will swap players around, take someone
off and give them one hell of a spray, draft players who are injured when no one else has enough confidence or faith to contemplate such an idea and to make the tough decisions.
He will do whatever needs to be done whether the members and supporters like it or not.

And; he has another one to make shortly or it is being made now by the player himself.

A.K.is prepared to drop name players who are not performing and give them a tickle up and show them they are not indispensable. He is also a man who wears his heart on his sleeve,
is quick to anger and it shows but can be a very compassionate man. All of these sides of himself are on show he is unafraid and not consumed by what others think of him, he could not care less. He will say what he thinks to whoever but can also be quick to apologise when he has done the wrong thing. Personally I am not overboard on the man however I can see the greatness in him in the same way, I can see it in Kevin Sheedy and in a lot of ways they are similar men.

Woosha is a very different man, the player he was as Captain of the Eagles is a long way from the coach he has become.


I reckon he’ll have a good game tomorrow night. Hoping he plays mostly forward.


If Langford was given the opportunities that D Myers has received, he would be in our best 22


Or go to Hawforn and be an integral part of a premiership team.


Go well kid

fingers crossed, that before we know it you have reached 100 games at EFC

Durable player, now is the time to cement your spot


I really hope he has a great game tonight. I think confidence is the kids issue at the moment, with a few early touches he could get going.


Still no idea how this lad’s going to turn out but he needs a sustained run in the seniors. They’ve dropped Myers and backed him in so it’s up to him now. He wouldn’t want many more games like his one against Geelong though.


20 posies, 2 goals, 5 tackles, 0 smiles.

Bookmark it.


Play him fwd

  • Play David Myers for the rest of the season
  • Play Kyle Langford for the rest of the season

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Of course I’m going to troll that.


Please play well


Soon enough their gonna just stop picking him. It kinda feels like its now or never


Play your natural game Kyle, have a good one.

Leave him in for 4-5 games thank you.


Always feels like it’s between Myers and Langford for the 1 spot. Could very well be that Myers’ papers are stamped and Langford will be given every opportunity to shine. If not Clarke could be the next in line


Until we put Dev on the long term injury list and pick and inside mid in the mid-season draft.