#4 Kyle Langford. Blitz hates him today


I thought he was very good. He gets slaughtered by a lot of supporters but tonight there can be no cause of complaint. I hope, finally, he can cement his spot in the team.


Great post Darli



I thought he was decent tonight. Stood up very strong in a few tackles, which is what we’ve wanted more of from him.

Just give him a run at it.


Killer mike was right all along.

In all seriousness he was really good tonight with alot of improvment left in him.
I really hope he proves everyone wrong and becomes a really good player.


What fucken game were you watching?


He cracked in hard tonight and won quiet a bit of contested footy. A little off the pace, but I’m not worried about that at all. His not a panic merchant like a lot of others in our team.

He needs to bring that effort in the contest every week. The rest is there, change of pace from the last few in the vfl.

We badly need that constant effort eac week


Did I trigger you Mrs Langford?


You’re better than that Myersy.


Ditto. Still gets caught ball watching a bit, but his attack on the ball tonight was much better. Was getting to a lot more contests tonight too.

He plays next week, needs to build on this game


Played his best game of 2019 imo

Needs to learn how to gets his hands free in a tackle or how to get rid of the pill quicker.


Yep spot on. In saying that

IN : Myers
OUT : Langford


Best part of the night for me. Was excellent.


Let’s be honest here he got caught holding the ball. Straight out.





Gave his all to honour Tom Boyd


I agree with others not on the Langford love train. Very slow decision maker. You can just see his decision making process running through his head and he isnt the type of player who has planned what to do before he gets the ball. "I’ve got the ball, what about giving it to that guy…nope, oh look he’s free, nah too risky, oh ■■■■ I have to hurry up and get rid of this, quick kick it.


i dont see him as a long term midfield option, but he was good tonight. just wish we didnt have to see him get pinged for holding the ball again though. seeing in now is like nails on a chalkboard.


I don’t think it’s the decision making per se, I think it’s reading the options. McPhee in his crazy eyes stage was a slow decision maker, he’d have five options and not be able to pick one. Langford to me has a tendency to go through the options slowly, which makes it difficult for him to make a quick “good enough” decision.

Anyway, he was good tonight, and richmond next week will probably be a good test to see whether his ability to spot options quickly has improved.


He is not a slow decisok maker, he just refuses to take a crap option. Sure that gets him undone sometimes, but it is actually a strength in his game. He is the antithesis of Myers, who will slap it on the boot the as soon as he takes possession, which makes the comparisons to Myers and the competition for the same spot all the more jarring. There is something there that is absolutely worth persisting with. It will be a massive loss if we lost him and I reckon something we would regret for a long time.