#4 Kyle Langford. Blitz loves him today


Wasn’t you HAP Someone else did, but you are right, If it doesn’t come off he looks bad. Hopefully he keeps backing himself and it comes off more often than not
I like the kid as a footballer and as big a fan of Myers as I am, langers should play the rest of the year ahead of him



You see blokes all the time get ready to take a mark or receive a handball and then look over their shoulder while the ball is in the air to check where they will kick it.

Kyle does this at times too.


Pendlebury like, appears slow but has time and space.

Give it time he will read the game better and start to read play better and look like he has more time to dispose of it


Great way to drop a mark and turn the ball over…If that’s what they are doing there is a fair chance of making an error. Better players know, they may have looked before the ball is in the air and read the play, but I know the rest in instinctive.


I hate these comparisons to Pendlebury.

Do you know what Pendlebury was doing at the same stage of his career?

He had played 100 games. Averaging 26 possessions 10 contested possessions a game in his 5th season.

Oh and he played and was an integral part in the 2010 premiership.

Stop comparing him to Pendlebury, he is nothing like him.


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Was good on the weekend but I still reckon he froze sometimes around the contest once he got the ball… none more so than when Matera got him holding the ball

He needs a bit of explosiveness and fight onces he gets the pill instead of slowly dishing out the handball in a congested stoppage


Just to put things into perspective.

David Myers has had 16 games out of 122 so far that are statistically equal too or better than Langford’s game on the weekend.

In contrast Langford has only had 2 out of 51.

I’ve always been quite bullish about Langford but at this point, even with the HFF stint (Remeber Myers played HBF for a while too in the knights era) he has not hit anywhere near the numbers an inside mid should.

His game on the weekend was one of his better games, but it needs to become his normal from now on, not an aberration or he will become the next Myers.

I still think he has it in him, but if it’s doesnt happen by season end then I’m not sure it ever will and he either needs to be back to the HFF or traded.

It is also why I am so big on trying Clarke, we need a guy who can get 25+ as an inside mid week in week out. I’d like to find out if he can.


I reckon he just had terrible spatial awareness. Still miss him


Slow decision maker (?)… oh, my goodness. He’s no Parish or McGrath by hand but when Langford got pinged, he had half a step/falling to his right (read: split second) before 2 Freo players collared him. Sheesh… talk about confirmation bias… bloo.dy sheep. He’s the future, has only played 51 games, still finding his way in the team. He’d benefit immensely from a decent run in the seniors where he can apply his “learnings” from the VFL. A damaging/versatile player. Definitely worth persisting with.


He represents a time I wish to forget, which is grosely unfair. As time passes you only remember the good bits thankfully, of which he is a major part.

Every 6 months I buy I pack of Winnie blues, smoke one, and think about him.

Then I destroy the packet, perhaps symbolising some sort of subconscious need of closure for another half a year.

I think there’s something in that for all of us, don’t you?


This glacier appears to have decided to go long, down the line:


My example was proof that players do think ahead and have awareness.


I’m not a fan of Clarke…but I’ll give him an opportunity if Heppell gets injured…Because then I think there will be the space for a pure-inside-extractor who I don’t want kicking the ball on the outside (aka Heppell today for me).


My first post on here. Thought I’d join in. Our biggest problem is that Stringer and Tippa are our two best clearance players but they don’t have the tank to play mid and we don’t score without them up forward. This week stringer will go against Martin like he did Fyffe in the centre square but then what? Getting tired of waiting for Langford to step up. He’s always “nearly” there. Get Clarke in there and give him a go


Not comparing him at all with Pendlebury

I’m comparing their pace around the ground and in time I’d see Langford creating that space during play.

He won’t be anywhere near as good as Pendlebury is


Are you saying that he’ll be way better?


Could be in the later half of his career in comparison who knows when he hits 26 onwards.

But no I don’t think anywhere near it

Hope I’m wrong


That’s just plain wrong. He didn’t freeze in that bit of play. He was trying to run out of the congestion.

I wish people wouldn’t make ■■■■ up just to suit their argument.