#4 Kyle Langford. Blitz loves him today


Agree with the ‘laconic’ comments. Not all players are ‘all-action’. Some amble around. This goes for players in all sports. Tend to be targeted as ‘lazy’ when it’s not a fair criticism. Thought he was good on the weekend tbh.


Just quietly, saw a smile


was good. keep him in.


Best half of football he has ever played. Was dare i say it Fyfe like. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like he’s trimmed up a bit.

Liked his game tonight.


Really happy for kyle.

This is the best two weeks of footy hes played by a long shot.

Keep building kid.


Was damn good all night, finally got rewards late in the game.


The kid was excellent - we have to back him in. He is a kid who needs to feel like he is believed in.


Keep him in.


Happy for Langford to make the most of his chances.


Looked like a mature player out there tonight


Needs to be a forward that can go in the middle, not the other way round.


I agree, the kid seems to be confidence driven.


I miss Myersy


Just kidding


Been saying it for a while, he will be a star of the game. All he needs is a good coach or two. So much talent.


Got us back in the game!


Clangers Langford. Why do we bother


Bingo, what we have been saying and when he plays that way he has good games.


Thought a few times in the middle tonight he had no clue, then he goes up forward and stars. How about that.