#4 Kyle Langford: was never dropped

5 years on the list and still not any good.

Time to trade and bring in a footballer who has a fcking crack


The club wants him to be midfielder but dosen’t crack in like one

Not sure its dodoro’s fault, hedrafted them all as quality young guys who played position x, he’s not the one making the call to “develop” them into something else


That is the faintest of praise.

Langford is part of a bigger problem. Clearly does not have the desire or mental strength to make it at the top level. Straight out of the Zaharakis “I’m satisfied just to play AFL” mentality.

i dont’ know if anyone else noticed but at a ball up i thnk in the first qtr he literally handball the ball past the umpire straight to daniher and daniher just looked at him and gave it to the umpire.
he is seriously not a switched on unit this year.

he also just stood in the fwd 50 with no man and didn’t realise he was suppose to be on the wing when they got a warning for not setting up right for the 6 6 6 . it happened a few times too.

I thought he was just a bit down this year because his beloved Bulldogs were struggling a bit. But if their performance on Saturday night against Richmond couldn’t cheer him up then it’s a big concern.

Yep straight out of the same mentally fragile mold. Langford is not a mid, but a lead up running HFF type, it was a mistake to try turn him into mid.

If we are going to keep him play him fwd and keep him there.


Clarke had his chance at AFL level and didn’t have 30+ disposals and kick 3 goals. He therefore deserves to play in the VFL until Myers decides he needs a rest.

While i agree with the point you’re making, even 10 disposals would have been nice.


Yeah nah.
Zak, maybe on par yesterday.

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No he didn’t

The fick is wrong with you

His main problem is he has played in 3 losses.


No. His main problem is a lack of intensity.


Has never been the same since the dogs won the flag in 2016. Some players reach the top of mountain and just don’t have the desire to go again.


its interesting everytime he is selected we come out with a lack of intensity that has been his trademark for this career.

so I think its obvious he has been sharing the bongs around before gameday.


Remember when we were all so pleased when Dodoro got him, and were putting ■■■■ on FCFC and SOS for getting Boekhorst?

I guess Kyle lasted a little bit longer, but I wonder who we would have chosen if FCFC had drafted Kyle instead.


Would it matter?
We would have developed them into ■■■■ all aswell

Sad, but true.

EFC may have had two decades of mediocrity, but we do excel at turning silk purses into sows’ ears.

Every time you play Langford you give an extra midfielder to the opposition when the ball goes their way and that midfielder always slaughters us

Only lav is worse

We would have chosen boekhurst… for sure

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