#4 Kyle Langford: was never dropped

How we we know Langford wouldn’t have turned out the same at any other club? Maybe he is just not up to it… if he’s not a mid he is a flanker, don’t really see how that works.

I go back to the strong marks and accurate goals kicked. I also recall him going back with the flight and getting smashed on debut . I still believe in him.

Maybe he doesn’t , though.


At another club maybe they played him exclusively at hf and he now owns the position

Do you believe in him as a mid or a HFF or something else?

Let him play the year out.

Backline IMO.

I don’t know where he’ll work. But I think they need to try him somewhere other than what they’re doing with him now.
They need to utilise his 2 main skills. Overhead marking and kicking.


I’ve always thought his best value would be forward.


Make a good umpire.

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As a lead up and mark forward he could be ok. But I can’t see him being selected there because of his complete lack of defensive pressure


Congrats on 50 games Langers.


Funny and sad that this post stands out like dogs nads

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I agree. I reckon he will request a trade at the end of the year.

Sadly for the club (and Kyle) his trade value (and contract $$) has been eroded.

He’ll go to another club where he gets a fair go and reaches his potential as a player.

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Its not that hard to bring right? You can even fake it. But he just looks like he’s always going along in 3rd gear. Just start beltin some ****s even. Dare I say it he’s “much maligned”

Ready he’d be best suited as a goal umpire. Too much intensity when officiating as a field umpire.

Stats are not everything but he is ahead of fellow midfielder Zaha
Agreed he lacks the explosiveness required of a midfielder. Could he be a Jack Darling type of flanker? Not sure we need one but that may be his best position

From EFC: " Bio: Tall defender/forward who excelled at both ends of the ground this year. Reads the play exceptionally well in the air, has clean hands and provides run from defence. Finished equal-second in the kicking test at the NAB AFL Draft Combine (scoring 28/30) and recorded 8.36 sec in the agility run. Excelled late in the season as a prolific ball-winning midfielder for the Northern Knights in the TAC Cup, averaging eight marks and demonstrating his aerial skills. Averaged 14 possessions in his five appearances in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

List Manager Adrian Dodoro says: "Kyle is one of the younger players in the draft. He reads the balls as well as any player, he has a big engine and can play in the midfield. We’ve got a player here that can play deep inside 50 then go on-ball. He’s a guy that the modern game is suited to because he can get up and down the ground quite easily."

Geebus, what went wrong?


That’s an exceptional question.

He can definitely play. Through the back end of last season he really started to come into his own. On Sunday he looked completely bereft of confidence and considering he seems to be the fall guy for every loss one can see why.

I feel like we’ve done badly by Kyle which makes me sad for him and sadder for my footy club.


We have given him 50 games to show us something and he hasn’t.

He has let himself down by being a soft player with no intensity.

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