#4 Kyle Langford: was never dropped

That’s untrue. Last year he was one who helped turned out season around. We could have backed him in after the early losses.


He came back into the team against a very switched on dominate Geelong team.

Tipping there is a slight speed, intensity, and skill gap between the vfl games he has been playing of late and that.

Langford has always been a half forward in my view who can pinch hit in the midfield. Needs consistent afl game time. He could be a 20 disposal 2 goal a game player. Maybe…


As it is for all players, it’s up to Kyle to make the most of his opportunities. Be they in the VFL or AFL. He has played enough football now to know what is expected.
He needs to answer two questions: 1. does he have the skills and fitness to be a good AFL player? 2. does he have the mental toughness and drive to be a good AFL player? The first question he can easily answer and a yes means he is good enough, technically, to be there. The second one is a lot tougher because elite sport is demanding and unforgiving and it can significantly reduce what you can achieve if you the mental side is not in place.

He’s had excellent role models at the club, like Jobe, to inspire him and show him what to do. It’s up to Kyle, and those other players sitting on the fringe of best 22, to get it all together.


Everyone bangs on about him being a HFF

But as it stands right now our HFF’s are usually smaller pressure players in TIPPA & Raz, or on occasion Stringer, an AA gun. He’s not going to be able to play there.

If in team really would need to be a 70/30 mid/fwd with Stringer the opposite. Which he was playing well latter part of last year. But now there is more of a squeeze on positions.

It’s midfield or bust really for Langford IMO, and if he plays midfield has to get some desperation.

And I honestly don’t see other sides as a 192cm player picking him up to play HFF/3rd tall either given he’s not that strong in a marking contest (ie. DeGoey, Darling etc) & not that quick for defensive pressure (ie. Rohan) which is all important in today’s game and saw Menzel shunted.


the problem is IMO anyway neither he nor francis really looked that hungry to get out there and stake a claim that they should not be dropped.

both seemed to be just going through the motions.

Even if nothing but for himself and potential ability to sell himself to another club if he decides to leave, you’d have thought he’d come out on sunday and just have the intensity of a madman and throw himself into everything.

But he didn’t, again he just went through the motions. he has the same look about him Ryder did, potential ability or not he just doesn’t give off the impression that he wants it hard enough.

he also seemed to be confused alot, or looked it too, people need to forget last year. coyler had a purple patch of 30 odd games across 2 seasons and a year, and never re captured it.

he may have been decent ish last year in the second half (maybe if you want to go into detail) but he isn’t that atm and should not be playing seniors til he looks hungry enough to rip someones head off and eat it.


Yes it certainly is. Just as it is for all workplaces to foster and develop young talent, give them confidence and a path forward. It works both ways.


Agree with this. He needs to show some urgency and take on the game.

By the end of the game I was the first calling for Langford to be dropped. But it is easy to point fingers when we lose.
If he kicked those 2 goals it wouldn’t have been a bad day. He is usually a reliable kick.

I don’t know what the answer is, something is broken with the team and how we are playing structurally. A mobile 190cm player who can take a mark and can kick should be an asset yet he is up and down between AFL and VFL at best. Did we break him?

I think he will succeed if he plays half forward. Hes just not a midfielder no matter how much he wants to be. He has a great pair of hands and a pretty good kick.

He has been Essingdoned. Is our habit to help players become less than themselves, because we have a tendency NOT to play players in the position where their greatest strengths could be utilised. Its our specialty.

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This kid is marked hard around here

Congrats on the 50, I think he needs to be given the confidence to play his natural game - without the fear of being dropped.

Missing opportunity to develop the kid

Agree Darli. It’s a two way thing. In my own industry I see the difference in approach between different supervisors/leaders in how they support and develop their people. And the flip-side is how different people respond and how proactive they are to developing their careers.

We’ll see how this plays out.

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Same same. The difference between talent flourishing or foundering is often down to the quality of the relationship.


Definitely this, well said Darli, some people really like to have a whipping boy…such heroes.


How do you explain the Hawthorn system of habitually playing players in alternate positions… and that list is very long…correlated with their lauded success?

After the running past the ball and going to the interchange event, he would have been at an all time low as far as confidence and self belief.
But you can’t just give someone confidence and they have it.

As far as management, you have to place them in a position where the individual can succeed to build his confidence back up.
I’m not sure if he had that chance at VFL level.

Regardless, he has to realise he’s at a point where potential is not a measure for him. Performance is. If he gets the opportunity again, he has to put everything into it.

It’s not just Langford either. It’s Francis, Parish and the coaching group as well. There is a point where potential is no longer a factor and they will be judged on performance.


It’s a forum snowflake. Harden up.

How do I explain it, just for starters Woosha is NOT Alister Clarkson.

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Have to agree, years ago he would have been the perfect prototype for the hff. He is exactly that in my book, and unfortunately that type is pretty much obsolite. Though he goes about it differently I can’t help that lav is in the same boat.

We are seriously lacking at least one more big, tough inside player. I don’t think either lang or lav are the answer.


Doesn’t Mitch play that HFF role?

Could’ve kicked three on the weekend with a bit of luck. He’s normally one of our most reliable kicks for goal. Missed two set shots that he’d normally nail, and was free to have a shot when GAJ got Shiel high and they called the ball back.

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