#4 Kyle Langford: was never dropped

If Smith and Draper were both put on LT injury list, could we pick up 2 mid season draftees or just 1?

2 i’m pretty sure. You get a pick per player that’s on the LTI list. If Smith is going to get surgery and sit the rest of the year out we’d end up with picks 6 and 15 at this stage.

Thought that would happened after the interchange fiasco. But he’s been picked twice since then.

Langford is fit enough to play midfield for 4 quarters, but apparently to many, fitness grows on trees and he clearly doesn’t care enough about his footy and shouldn’t play.
Francis is the same size, isn’t fit enough to play any position that is accountable, let alone mid, but it’s a travesty he doesnt get more games.
Lang has clearly worked hard to be an AFL footballer… it’s not effort, it’s confidence that’s holding him back. He stays in the team for an extended run


He’d better fkn play well @Killer_Mike



I agree with everything you’ve said except this. The young blokes need to take their chances by the balls. If Langford dishes up another mediocre performance they should send him back to the VFL again.

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I have a feeling hes going to have a really good game.


He needs to put in a few good games to enhance his trade value.

He’s due for one. Want him to find his form from late last year. It will make it very hard for Myers to crack back into the team.


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“Yeah get into him THE”

“Nice work THE”

“That was good play by THE”

“Kick the goal THE”

I’m hoping for a break-out game from Kyle today.
The first 50 games of most footballers are a kind of apprenticeship and Kyle plays his 51st today.


And…they are not the same size.
And…they play totally different roles.

Fair nuff

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Some people think a cm is very important!

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My girlfriend won’t shut up about it.


Without it I would be a different gender.


Then you would be trans-formed.

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(incidentally - Francis would pick up Langers by the feet, twirl him around a few times, smash him into the ground, and then hurl him over the fence with ease)

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