#4 Kyle Langford: was never dropped

The goal he kicked in the VFL on the weekend showed his class. Not many people on our list have the skill set to kick that goal.


I just finished watching last week’s VFL replay…and I think that was probably Kyle’s best game for the year.

Casey were physically bullying us all over the ground…but I thought Kyle kept going for the ball, moving as soon as he got it, and being thoughtful about how he disposed of it.

I’m kind of hoping that the GEEL game (the week before) showed him how the likes of Kelly are so effective, and he has raised his game since then.

Play him for every game now.


Now I’d like to see him do that at 1.5xVFL speed tonight.


ya got a link ploise?

We got thumped, so overall it’s not enjoyable viewing:

Start the Langford goal at 2:27:40 and watch his sprint to get to where he can sell all of the candy.


Looks a bit like Lucas there.

How could that be? Lucas wasn’t an inside midfielder.

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Hoping Kyle puts together a great game tonight. Has all the attributes, we saw that last year. Too good and too much potential to be languishing in the VFL. Let’s go.

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If he plays like this I want him in.

Keep going mate

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Thought he’s been good so far, making his presence known.

That quarter he was good, let’s not get too carried away. He needs to get out of his head and just execute on instinct. No second guessing


Stand by Langford

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Miles ahead of Myers, with WAY more improvement left in him.


You’d hope so. He was a deer in headlights. Slow decision making repeatedly

His decision making, instinctual play etc seemed to deteriorate as the game wore on
The increase in game intensity maybe?

Much improved on his last few outings in the seniors so can only hope he continues to get better

He’s awareness and slow decision making absolutely kill him. He’s soooooo slow in that regard

He found enough of it though, its something to work on. Pass mark.