#4 Kyle Langford: was never dropped

Not a fan of his by any means but he was ok tonight. Did his job.

Had some pretty bad moments but did enough to remind us of his talents. Him and Begley looked like guys who have not played AFL this year. Just a split second behind everyone. With confidence and game time we’ll see these guys become reliable contributors.

Langford definitely needs to play before Myers…and I’ve defended Myers since he was drafted.

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Being at the game he is loooking for options but team mates are not providing any, plus a couple of frees he did not get. This makes him look slow

Terrible game tonight! Just can’t play to the tempo

And he did.

I’d keep him in for another week - but that decision making, my god, that half a second feels like an eternity. That holding the ball in the last quarter. What was he thinking? Contrast to Nat Fyfe 5 min before, in congestion, just tried to lay it on the boot, was tackled mid kick but no holding given no prior. Langford in the exact same situation and just decided to go for a walk. Madness.

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Even with his slow reaction time he still found more space than Myers has of late.

Yeah to be fair, not many guys compare to fyfe

24 possessions at 88% efficiency, 13 contested, 6 scoring involvements - and he still gets crap on here.

The problem for Kyle isn’t that he’s slow of foot or too slow making decisions with ball in hand, the problem is that it seems many Essendon fans are too slow to understand how effective he is due to the way he looks on field. He’d rather take an extra half second with ball in hand to release a teammate into a positive position than give a panicked nothing possession, he’d rather take a tackle than give a turnover; it makes him entirely unique in our midfield which has been so bad with ball in hand and panicked so often this year.

He got caught once late in the game and rightly done for holding the ball, it was more or less his only mistake of the night. Go back and watch the replay, watch all those times when he hesitates with ball in hand before disposing if it - then actually WATCH what happens with that disposal. Watch him release a teammate into a better position than he’s in, it’s maybe his greatest skill, and clearly his most misunderstood.
Was terrific tonight. Clean and composed, a difference maker.


Yeah, i agree with that. He was okay tonight. Its certainly a step in the right direction

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He was pretty good given that his confidence appears pretty shot.
Has all the skills, just needs to want it more. Needs more rabid dog…someone needs to ■■■■ him off and get under his skin

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Offered a lot more that what Myers has this year. Stays in.


I can see us talking abut Langford in five years the way we talk about Myers now WHY THE HELL IA THIA GUY GETTING A GAME NEVER BEEN ANY GOOD WHAT COME ON WOOSHA WHY IS HE ATILL COACH

And so on

Just needs another 100 games and he’ll be golden

Played well. Happy for him.


Didn’t watch the game (probably watch it tomorrow), so was hoping he did well and going by the overall consensus he was ok. Good, hope he stays in and can build on that.

He makes a decision faster than Hurley. I thought he was good tonight, disappointed he mucked that one up at the end there


Spot on. l read something very similar to this a couple of years ago. (Was it from you?) He looks quite composed with ball in hand and looks to keep the advantage with his possession. He was also opposed to Fyfe a few times and was useful at times. He offered and produced much more than Myers has done. He must stay in, to continue to build a decent working relationship with Parish and McGrath. Rotates through the forward line with Stringer.


24 possies (with 13 contested), going at 88% efficiency and chipping in with 6 score involvements is pretty ■■■■■■ good for a fringe player who’s likely low on confidence and fighting for a spot with our “most improvement” player in our leadership group.


Glaciers make decisions faster than Hurley.