#4 Kyle Langford: was never dropped


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I felt the best sign from his VFL game last week was this:

  • When he got the ball, he got moving…his first priority was to be evasive towards open space…this buys another second or two to assess the options…if he can get that time, he’ll make good use of it, because he is a considered disposer. I believe that this movement is what makes the best clearance mids like Tim Kelly so effective.

Now I couldn’t see enough close up detail of the match tonight to see if he did this…but I have seen him do it OCCASIONALLY…he just needs to bring it more often.


Much stronger at the contest today and more effective second and third efforts.


Yes that’s how I see it too. He is big, strong and can often ride a tackle. If u watch the likes of jk, mundy, fyfe, Watson. They don’t panic as there strength buys then a bit more time.

Comming from the vfl, its hard to adjust to the speed first up first up.

My question is will he attack the ball like that next week?


I didn’t see the vfl last week. At afl level he didn’t seem to have time to be evasive. But he attacked the contest hard, so size and strength would often get through the congestion.

Unfortunately he is no Tim Kelly.


looked to have a bit more mongrel about him. needs a vote of confidence from the coaches - keep Myers out and tell him and Darcy to make the engine room theirs.


Absolute rubbish
No one makes up their mind what they are going to do with the ball before they get it
That’s what is normally called “spend it before you get it”

Guys get the ball and then make the decision. He gets the ball gives himself space and tries to find the most attacking dangerous option when he can. I call it smart football, you call it slow decision making.


Pleasing game from him. If people are critical of his overall game last night, then they cant move past their biases and can’t be helped.

He must be played in the seniors. Between him and Parish, they are both offering more in the mid than Myers has, and both are more versatile.


Decision making will surely improve and speed up when he is played for the rest of the year . Or we can play an average player who is in declining form .


He played a good game. Let’s hope it continues and builds.


On here the only consensus is that Lang successfully took over the role from Myers… that of Blitz whipping boy.

Good game from Lang… dirty congested game and he did his bit.


I reckon there’d be a fair few 50ish game players out there who still need to work on their decision-making.

IMO, one of the main things holding him back is confidence - both in himself and also from the coaching staff to actually stick with him. Get that belief and things can change very quickly (as per last season).

It also took the coaches a while to figure out that we can’t play both Langford & Myers in the same side. #learnings


I can’t agree.

Knowing where you’ve got to get the ball is all part of being aware of where your teammates are and / or your system and where your teammates expect you to put it.

Parish is an excellent example. Often knows exactly where he is trying to get the ball well before he actually takes possession of it in my opinion.


I’m still very much a believer in Langford. I hope he’s given a decent run at it now. I still think he’ll be an important player for us this year. We need to build his confidence and not destroy it!


That’s rubbish. When I play I know roughly where everyone is and who’s open and where I want to go when I get. It may change depending on how I get the ball. It’s called awareness. I’m not saying im an elite sportsman, but awareness is the precursor to quick decision making. Ever wondered why Walla or Stringer tap the ball before they take possession? Are they just taping it without knowing where people are. Nope, they have already made their mind up what they want to do before the ball comes to them. What makes a good tap ruckman? Randomly taping the ball down to anyone?
Langford doesn’t have any of that. That’s why he is slow.


There is a difference between “roughly knowing” and planned to a tee like you insinuated.
Of course he roughly knows, everyone does.
He gets ball, assess his options and makes a decision. Just because he takes his time doesn’t mean he is a slow decision maker.
You can have all the “planning” in the world, it doesn’t matter, the game changes and teams account for “plans”


Awareness and planning are two different things in my mind. As I said you can make all the plans in the world but the games changes faster than your plans
I like the way he gets the ball and assess all options, if he thinks the first one is too risky or not good. That’s not slow decision making, that’s a footy brain working over time in my opinion.


Awareness, planning/ decision making are all intertwined like I said. You can’t make decisions if you are not aware of what’s going around you or the situation of the game. Langford is poor at this.

Assessing your options is something anyone can and should do when you have a bit of time. Take a look at Parish’s game in the last two weeks. He is a better “assessor” of the situation now than Langford.


Let’s agree to disagree
Everyone sees things differently that’s the beauty of it


Michael Jordan wrote in his book, the thing that set him apart was that he had a play, a path through players that he could pull out wherever the opposition was placed in front of him. He had practiced the plays so much that he could see the path, and run it whilst throwing fakes the whole way, without even thinking. Reckon Ablett does this.

Jordan book a good read.