#4 Kyle Langford: was never dropped


Michael Jordan says Michael Jordan was the greatest player of all time*

*He might actually be on to something


Let’s hire Warick Capper for the forwards coach.


Cracking game from The Langford. Made that one dumb mistake in the last - gotta just hoof it in that situation - but showed what he can do. Now for some consistency.


I reckon I counted him gang tackled 6 times, 5 times he got the hands away, 1 time they got him down.

Superb Langers. Keep building.


HFF role

Nice kick, Build Redman into a midfielder




Noticed this too.


I think as a midfielder Langers is more cream on top than a prime mover. He is a classy footballer no doubt. The problem is that fans want him to be a prime mover. I personally dont see him becoming that, but I do see him being the class we need as his career develops.


Stays in.


Or Myers!


He appears to be laconic but he isn’t and that’s why some people might mistake him for slow.
He is looking around and noticing where the players are and who to kick to.

He is not slow, he is composed.


VFL David Myers (29 disposals, three goals, five marks)
What will John do?


Mate of mine won’t give this kid a chance, no matter what he does, he says he’s ■■■■.
It doesn’t help when he’s dropped every second game, but credit where credits due - towards the end of last year, Langford was playing well and showing signs of improvement am I right? Or am I blind?


I suspect they’ll drop either Parish or Langford to bring Myers in.


Parish won’t be dropped.


Well, I saw both games and I wouldn’t bring Myers back in. If you think the team needs a big-bodied inside player then it should be Clarke. A well-placed handball is better than a random high thirty metre kick.


The way the game is played today, and being so crowded around the ball, it can be difficult to see what individual players are doing. Especially live as you miss a lot of stuff the tv picks up. And some players stand out more and are more recognisable. I made a point a few times to look at what Langford was doing - just focused on him . It’s quite an interesting thing to do following a player rather than the game. Anyway, those times I followed him he was in there using his body, tackling, making position and getting the ball moving. He does do stuff and he can do it well. Just how good he can be I think is still unknown. But he played well on Saturday and hopefully it continues…


Was pretty good.

Still did some stuff that was super frustrating.

Got tackled by Matera for holding the ball in the last 5 minutes which resulted in a goal.

Seemed like he thought he had an eternity with the ball even though it was a congested stoppage


I generally like Langford, but there are a few things I find frustrating. For me, he just seems slightly behind the play in reading it well. For example, I still think James Hird was so far ahead of everyone on the field in match awareness. He knew were his teammates were at any time. How often did you see him take a mark, and already turn to kick to a team mate because he knew exactly where he was. For me, Langford can find the ball, but has to think “right got it, now what do I do with it…” It makes him look slow of thought which I don’t think he is at all. However, I think he should work on having a plan before he gets the ball. Probably not a great explanation, so apologies if it didn’t come across well.

The biggest thing though is that I think he is out of position. I reckon he would make a great leading forward, as he is strong and generally a good kick. He is not a natural mid fielder, those guys who just seem to find the ball no matter how hectic the game is.


You’re right, that would make him a better player… but that’s the same for everyone in the team.

Nobody is going to have Hird’s game awareness ever again. What Langford can do is work to his strengths and focus on taking the first option. He’s quite mobile and a good size, he can mark and work inside - he’s just got to do that and don’t over complicate things trying to hit the perfect pass. Get ball, give to the easiest option.