4 Senior List Spots, 1 Rookie & 1 Zac Clarke... Do we take 4 Picks at the National Draft? Or play 2019 with 39-5?


6 positions across senior and cat a rookie lists =

4 best available kids
1 mature age ruck
1 Nick Hind

Happy days :sunglasses:


To make room for another cat a rookie


Obviously, just seems odd to move him to category a last year then move him back to cat b this year especially when we’ve already opened up 5 other list spots.


I was thinking this morning…the idea of leaving a rookie position vacant for the mid season draft is appealing.

We might have to use that mid season draft in a reactive way, to cover an injury to an important structural player…but I hope that other teams are the ones that have to do that.

I’m much more interested in using it in a long-term list build manner…try to pick up a rapidly developing state prospect, who would otherwise go in the main draft at season’s end. Put another way, those mid season picks could end up being like the GC/CARL mature age priority picks.


:grinning:. You never know!! :smile:

Seriously though I don’t really care, although it’s just another thing that’s ■■■■■■ annoying about the AFLs lack of transparency


I don’t know TBH. Seemed to be on Freo’s injured list a lot though.


Well there you go. I stand corrected. So Freo simply seemed him not good enough it seems.


He was effective as the fwd/ruck, but when sandy was out they always tended to prefer Griffin as an actual ruckman.


He is the laziest c**t I’ve seen on a AFL list. Literally zero Intensity about him. Just floats around. If people thought Ryder was “laconic” (yes I know it’s not the right term) then wait till you watch Clarke a bit. He’d be OK for backup, break glass emergency type. that’s it. But I’d be looking elsewhere. Most uninspiring footballer of the modern times


I think there’s something in your point about a possible mid season draft rookie spot.
Moving McNeice to B still leaves room for an Irishman, as rumoured on the B list.

With a generally strong list there’s a case to be made for emergencies- impossible to tell what spot is required if we had three similar blokes go down.
And it’s not impossible to grab a ruck, a small back, or even outside pace, at mid year.
Whereas we wouldn’t want to list all three spots with ready to go blokes, who mightn’t have much upside.

Draft for development, and keep a break glass spot.


Surely more sensible to fill the list and then only utilise the mid season rookie draft if we have a long-term injury.

This year for instance we would’ve had 2-3 picks with a full list. (Begley, Gleeson, Daniher - depending on willingness to put Joe as ‘inactive’)


Because he’s no longer rated highly enough to be on our main list or rookie list, but is still a nice to have in case of emergencies?

That’s how I would interpret it, but the club may very well see it differently.


Thinking we should take the 4 list spots into the draft.

Draft young fellas at 34 & 66.

Take Darcy Fort at 84 (2 picks before north melb should enter the draft after their f/s & academy - they reportedly would like to replace Pruess).

Then grab a Cavara/Hind type with the (likely) final pick of the ND.

If Fort is gawn by 84, take a youngster (if there’s a decent prospect) and then Clarke/Campbell (rookie).


I’d prefer Madden in 84, at least the last quarter, but Gawn, yeah sure.


Wait… do you need to have a free list spot to participate in the “mid season” draft?

Soooooo… if someone chooses not to enter the main draft, can they effectively control what team they go to given many may not have a spot free?


No. Only players who were overlooked for the upcoming drafts or players previously on an afl list will be eligible for the mid season draft


Wait, the mid season draft is an actual thing?

I thought it was just a thought bubble.


Those two things are not incompatible for the AwFuL.


That’s exactly what I said.
Leave a rookie A spot vacant.

You’re also assuming that’s a ruck spot we need.
Only if a) there’s a good prospect available, and,
B) assuming all of Belly, Smack, and Draper are injured before mid year.

Yes more ruck depth is needed, but not at the cost of clogging up list spots for a couple of years, which is what it might take to sign a Clarke or Foot


I’d still like another Irishman or a benfti speacial for one of the rookie spots.