4 Senior List Spots, 1 Rookie & 1 Zac Clarke... Do we take 4 Picks at the National Draft? Or play 2019 with 39-5?


Any chance Butters slips to our pick after the year he had?


Not if kept in the fridge.


“Clubs widely see Butters as a top-20 pick, with some viewing him closer to the No.10 mark. It’s hard to see Butters still being on the board in the second round.”

So probably not


People thought Raz was worth #55… people are the worst.




Toot toot posted this ripper today.

I called him out on his Bags ‘news’ and he’s since pulled it :joy:


He was probably pulling it whilst he was posting.
Enjoy that mental image.

Toot toot.


“Toot Toot” is the sound of his
one-holed flute.


We’re going to rookie a Cat??

EFC, leading the way.


Has the AFL approved us playing the gestalt creature Beguley? Sounds experimental.


Are we really considering drafting someone called Butters? That is awesome



May be getting on a bit



fuginell, @frosty !!!


, … beaten by a nose.


Heather Mills is keen on getting a Foot and wants to draft a Legge to go with it.


I think you’re going out on a limb here.