#4 The Langford, The's Contract Signed


I know right, it’s like I’ve heard the same thing 50,000 times, only differently!


Robbed of two goals.

Stays in.


I wouldn’t mind seeing Myers getting a decent run at AFL level.


Some men just want to watch the world burn


I know this is a joke.

But it’s sort of true. Myers only had 2 full seasons 2013 and 2014 and was actually half decent.

He copped a shocking career full of injuries. I don’t think he would have been a match winner but he would have had a decent career if he did get a clear run at it.


No Myers talk in here please


Early in the last he presented hard to the back flank and Zaha missed him. Lang took the awkward half volley in tough conditions effortlessly and then casually turned boundary side and hit tippa on the tit with a 40 meter snap across his body. The kid just oozes class.

He followed up by pushing deep forward and beating his opponent at the top of the square only to be robbed by the ump.


People have scoffed at me before but langers skills below his knees are excellent for someone so big.

Hes the anti Colyer


Where can you find these stats?


Would have slotted those two ‘robbed’ set shots (which both would have been clutch goals) as he is a beautifully steady set-shot for goal…


They better not drop this c*nt. Thought he was really good, remember guys like Guefli have 4 years on him. That goal and that dish off handball goal whilst being tackled was great.


I agree with the sentiment but Kyle was born in '96 and Guelfi '97.


Yeah, but it was December 1996.


Those two were both awful decisions, and if he had kicked 3, as he should have, we would be all in raptures.
But the thing to take out of it is that in both those contests, he outbodied his opponent and won/should have won the ball. He is now doing the pushing, and winning at doing it, rather than being pushed.
Over the years we have had our share of players who would lose the push and shove every time (Joey, Fletch, and Gleeson spring to mind.)


Would lol so hard if he gets dropped this week


Donnington has regressed already, I see.


You can’t regress from absolute zero .


Yep. And his opponents feel the need to scrag and hold him now.


I know you love him but can you at least try to keep some of your devotion to accurate stats…


Why do you say that?

He finished 5th or 6th in the preseason time trial and has no problems at all running out games in the VFL where he plays predominantly midfield.

Fitness is not an issue with Langers.