#4 The Langford, The's Contract Signed


this would be the thing that the coaches are most happy with I reckon.


I thought he had a good to alright game. He did a couple of nice things, some very nice handballs to team mates after winning the ball. I really got the impression that things didn’t always go his way and he is just battling to compete. And that is all you can ask him to do. Certainly he was robbed of an almost certain goal.
Definitely feel he played well enough to retain his spot in the side.


Contract talks ?, price rising ?


Gotta get a decent run of games in the senior first. This is his second lot of two consecutive games for the year isn’t it?


While I still haven’t seen anything that makes him a stand out, he has been solid and is working hard throughout the game, and this week he was robbed by the umps 4 friggin’ times. I would most certainly agree that he should play in every senior game for the rest of the year.



Watching the last quarter again

One piece of play Langford dives head first to try get the ball on the ground, doesn’t & gets cleaned up but is up again and collects a loose ball and gives this instinctive little handball out without even looking perfectly to Ridley

The putting his body on line (hasn’t been common), not fumbling under pressure and getting effective disposals away is soooo good to see.


Going by the Skins report Myers will miss at least another one or two weeks - This will give him more time to stamp his authority on his position - I reckon he spent equal amount of time forward and mid - he needs more midfield time.


Yeah I reckon when GWS had a real crack, 2nd & 3rd, they tried to get a few pretty physical tackles in on him and he got a little bit fumbly. The positive was he didn’t completely lose it, and he came back strong when we got back in the game. Hope he takes something from that.


Starting to play solid in the midfield, but what’s more pleasing is that when he goes forward he’s a genuine threat. Should’ve had 3 goals to his name but Gil’s plastic fantastic footy team had to remain in the contest for as long as possible


I would’ve had him in ahead of Myers from the start of the year on potential.

Is now ahead of Myers on actual output. His possessions hurt the opposition.


Yes, easy to forget on our quest for a Jobe replacement, that this guy can more than pinch hit up fwd… particularly late in the game when the opposition are not likely to have too many 6 ft 4 blokes running as hard as he can/will be. Thing is, he sneaks into the fifty from the middle too… hard to spot when roaming, hard to match up on… blo8dy useful player to have in the modern game


Faaark it’s quiet in here with “The Langford” playing well and Myers injured.


My biggest concern with him now is that we can keep him happy enough for him to stay, seeing as we ■■■■■■ him around for so long


If we keep giving him games and we are mostly winning, then I would hope he’d stay


Talk Langford to me


Kyle Langford is a British middle-distance runner competing primarily in the 800 metres. He represented his country at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing without advancing from the first round. At the 2017 World Championships in London he was placed 4th, narrowly missing out on a bronze medal. Earlier he won a bronze medal at the 2013 World Youth Championships.


He sounds like a good prospect.

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Just on his goal kicking prowess, He’s probably one of the best set shots for goal at the club.