#4 The Langford, The's Contract Signed


Goes about his job very well, and was pretty good last night, has been going along very nicely, each week, but disagree re him being a gun (as yet).

Hopefully he is on his way to becoming a gun. :slightly_smiling_face:


With Zaka out, bring Clarke back in. Langers and Clarke work really well together. Let’s get this combo some serious game time.


The knockers are turning now he is getting a solid run at it. Good stuff


“Will only ever be a forward”


Yeah, well obviously he’s young and only just now getting a bit of a run at it but I’m more talking about his ability.

I’m still very confident we have a gun mid in our hands.


I got absolutely blind last night so I can’t remember, did he miss out on another holding free last night or did I dream it?


The one I remember he was tackled without the ball in the forwardline. Definitely should have been a free. Not a holding free though


Over zealous preemptive tackle on him when he barely touched it. Should’ve been a free.


Not a gun yet, but has some gun-like attributes, most eminent among them his ability to pick out the bold option and deliver on it. Needs to do it more consistently and more often, but it’s a valuable skill.


Essendon’s Simon Black but better and more laconic.


Why do you hate Simon Black?


Are you taking the ■■■■ Trev?

Coz that’s ridiculous.


Love his gutsy kicks through the middle. I feel good when he has it now.


Simon Black is one of the best players of his generation, Amazing footballer.


I am taking the ■■■■, but it would be nice if he got to half Simon Black. His game on the weekend did have some similarities, good in close, pin point risk taking kicks and a slightly long neck. I would say he is tracking at 2001 Simon Black levels, not quite 2002 yet.


Does not seem so slow with decision making anymore. Hope he stays in for the reminder of the season.


He’s getting better each week.

His disposal is becoming a real weapon, just wish the umps gave him a fair go.


One of the best we have.
Field or goal.
And not only is he a very very good kick, he is a brave kick. Takes the brave options.


Don’t like that he is keepong a kid like Myers out.

As for his goal kicking, we’ll ruin it soon enough.


I can actually kinda see it, in certain aspects.

About 1/10th as good in a contest. (Like most players to play the game.)

But yeah, he likes those chiselling 45^ kicks to open up the game in a similar way, and kinda has a similar stance/lookwith ball in hand.