#4 The Langford, The's Contract Signed


Clean AF, whacked that guy in the head to slow play down which for one appreciated and tackled with intent. No other team in the AFL drop him the way he is going. We probably will


Has made it.

Best 22 lock.




I don’t think a lot of people realise just how aggressive Kyle is.
In the VFL he was very physical, and now he’s bringing that to the AFL.
Love it.


Which bit ?


First sentence. Also, what’s AF?


He was clean AS ■■■■ with his hands and disposal, and then I got excited and separated the next sentence with a comma although it was unrelated.


Rhymes with ‘has duck’


Ok. Got it.


I think the greatest mark of his progression is that his quieter games are high teens in disposal count. Not 12.

Plus he continues to have that boldness in his disposal choices.


Only saw the second half but geez he had some nice disposal by hand and foot.


I think KM called it first but I can definitely see him as our best distributor.


Starting to earn his “The”.


He’s clean and composed. Stick him in the guts and fck Myers off.


Starting to look like a real playmaker. Going very well.


Improving each week, keep it going Langford


One day he might become
^The Dude"


I was at the game.
Handballs when he should kick, can’t take a mark under pressure, no intensity. Atleast Brown improved during the game.
Langford is my new whipping boy!


Pretty good, without bejng great. I didn’t see the first Q but thought he was a bit quiet in the second, then pretty good in the 3rd & 4th.

A couple of times showed some good (laconic) desperation and smarts, defending the square against Brisbane clean breaks. As usual he took good, attacking options, as usual he was able to get his hands up and free a couple of times when gnomes tackled him.


the thing im impressed with Kyle is he’s doing stuff well that he’s been poor at before, at senior level anyway. It’s a credit to him, because he did have weaknesses and he’s clearly improved in areas he wasn’t great in. Before this block of games his aggression at the ball and man, decision making and willingness to take aggressive kicks was absolutely nowhere near what it is now at senior level. For example, I reckon he honestly used to get caught holding the pill once a game in the 1s. He looks to me, to have adapted to the pace of senior football much better

I didn’t think his game was great yesterday, but he wasn’t poor either. What he did, was generally good though. It’s a absolute no brainer to say to him he’s got another month of games after the bye regardless of form to see what he can do. He’s earnt that. Good on him