#4 The Langford, The's Contract Signed


I think he had a period where he learned to kick within his limitations, and it worked out pretty well for him. Dont think his field kicking could ever be considered borderline elite though.


Depends what you consider elite I guess.

I consider players that can break the game open higher up the list than ones that hit targets more regularly but play it safer.

I thought Jobes kicking was very good st breaking the game open at times.


In fact, there was one short period where surprisingly - he had the highest disposal efficiency by foot in the comp…


Yep, he was an abomination for the start and end of his career but for a few years I wanted the ball in his hands.


I reckon in order to be considered elite you really have to do both, hit targets more regularly and break the game open.

However i do tend to agree with the general gist of what youre saying about his kicking


Most of us are frustrated with our 2018 season but when we look back in a few years it will be the season we needed to have.


The development across our seniors and Juniors has been fantastic in 2018.


The way the game is played today it’s all about intercepting and immense pressure so it’s inevitable that all players will turnover at some stage.

It’s why Goddard, Zac and although a small sample size, Langford are so important. They can really open the game up.

Jobe could do those diagonal kicks very well for a couple off seasons.


Just needs a consistent run in the AFL for him to show case his natural talent.


You could go back through our last 14 years of failure and produce list after list of promising kids as well.

Not saying those kids are no good or won’t make it etc but atm most of them are just promising kids that have shown glimpses at AFL/VFL level and have a long way to go to become consistent quality AFL players.


I think the key difference this time is that our top 5-10 players are mostly 25 and under and then we have another block of very talented kids with potential under them.

I think our list has far more potential based on that alone.


Fark me! What do you want?
Instant Dangerfield?
It’s a list of young guys who have been given a chance and shown something.
Something to build on.
Which is what this place has been screaming for.
It’s not a guaranteed team, it’s a hopeful look at a bunch of kids.




How about some unbiased perspective.

Like many posts in this thread calling Langford a gun etc before he has even established himself as an AFL quality player.

The point of the post was to show that young talent doesn’t always turn into quality or success.

And yes a few instant Dangerfields would be great thanks.



I know it’s hindsight, but I disagree - that’s an impressive upgrade.


That list of 7 is pretty good in one year. Yes, Langford has been around awhile now, but prior to the start of this year, you needed optimism and/or a lot of hope to think any of them would be 100 games players. All 7 are now well ahead of that, and could be considered a good chance to be better than average players.
And, IMO from watching the vfl, Zork-Thatcher is a fair chance to join them.


Let’s hope Francis gets into the side soon and some of the others get repeated exposure at the highest level. Still think we should be after Tom Wallis if he’s unhappy at the Bulldogs. We need to achieve some finals experience in the next year or so - not just falling into eighth place and getting belted in Week One of the finals - some real exposure and winning one or two. Then on to a premiership - I very much hope soonish, i.e. next two or three years maximum.


Tom Wallis has already been on our list. Going ok at Doutta Stars though.

I just don’t see that Mitch Wallis, on the other hand, is going to improve us. Gives us depth, but that’s it.


Wrong Wallis, obviously…


Um nope. I was there at the Gabba.
So don’t say what I was or wasn’t doing.