#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted


Do we have a standardised “Welcome to Essendon”-style thread renaming for delistees? @theDJR?


#40 Ben Howlett - Welcome to the Rookie List


Thanks Ben. Always worked hard for us. Good luck in the future.


I remember in 2013 or 2014, he was running around playing with a broken jaw. This wasn’t information that was known at the time but he didn’t miss a beat and his contested possessions and tackle numbers were still high. The bloke was (and still is) f**king tough!
Best of luck for the future and thank you for everything you gave to the EFC.


Always thought that he was never AFL standard and then he’d come and have 25 possessions 5 goal games.

He was never a player that we could build a side around but he was a player that you need as a part of your best 25- tough, hard working and passionate.

He won’t have the glamour of Watson but he leaves with his head high and a with a successful career behind him having being one of the best footy servants in the last decade.

This is the last of the old rein minus Myers and Colyer. Sad but this is the right direction if we want to win a flag.

Over you to Parish, McGrath and co


Loved the Bobcat in his prime. Good luck to you Benny


Sad news. Always gave his best


I agree with this. Certainly was a hard at it footballer.

I remember his 5 goal game against Adelaide (I think round 1 2013).

Just think the club are after players with greater leg speed and Bobcat wasn’t exactlly the quickest player on the park.


Bobcat seemed to always be at the ‘fringe’ but is exactly what you want from a player… hard at it, loyal and a great clubman.

Would have well and truly deserved more success and could have had it too if not for the saga. Hit a real purple spot in the aborted 2014 campaign and showed his versatility on more than one occasion.

The game, sadly, drifted away from him and I can’t disagree with the decision to delist him but it isn’t without a hint of regret I’m sure. Well done Benny and congratulations on a great career.


I’m another Bobby fan, he always gave everything he had.

( my wife is a big fan also, if you know what I mean… )


Thanks for the good times, Ben.


Just popped in to say how much I admired this guy. Tough, beautifully balanced, great goal sense with a great love of the footy club - what’s not to like about Ben Howlett?


I understand but very sad to see him go nonetheless. Loved our club- great club man.


The writing for the Bobcat has been on the wall for most of this past season. As others have already noted, he was a passionate and loyal servant of the club, but has been found wanting this season by the faster pace of the game. Not flashy, tough as all hell, but always put the team first, and played his role.

Well done Mr. Howlett, you leave with our thanks and much respect. Cheers for the future.


I have great respect for Bobcat.

Got the best from himself and a great team player. All the very best for the future Ben.


So that leaves 6 of the 2012 players still in the Red and Black (Heppell, Hooker, Hurley, Myers, Colyer and T Bell). Two at Melbourne, one at the Saints and one at Port. Assuming Crameri gets his contract renewed or picked up as a DFA that is 11 left.

That obviously doesn’t include Zacka who was not banned.


Good unit. Looks a lot like Eddard Stark.

He never made it past “good, handy fringe” status.

It makes me sad that he didn’t cement a spot, but it makes me happy that this is the type of guy we can confidently cut now.


Hope WC pick him up as a DFA if only for a year or two as they look to bring through bunch of kids


It’s like our whole 2012 midfield has left


It is crystal clear the direction in which Worsfold wants to take the club. He wants quick, nippy players, hence J. Merrett surviving.