#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted


Makes no fkg sense retaining J Merrett if he never plays. Has played 11 games in 2 years, 54 in 6 seasons (averaging 9 games a year) & one of those years half our players were suspended. Unfortunately J Merrett is dead wood & despite his unfortunate late break must also be cut loose.

Sad to see Howlett go though, always gave 100%. Probably a good sign for the strength of our list if players such as Howlett & Bird are deemed surplus to requirements.


Pretty Much

R: Ryder Stanton Hocking
C: Howlett Watson© Dyson

Rotation: Winderlich, Lonergan, Melksham, Jetta


Well done Bobcat on a hard fought career.

I think it’s the right cal.


Nice work benny.


Thank you Benny.


True clubman, all heart, gave his all and extracted every last ounce of ability he had. Thanks champion


Gave his all everytime he played. One of the best tacklers in the team. Was a midfielder, yet the coaches kept on playing him up forward where it just didn’t suit him

The right call by the club in the end. All the best Benny. Would love to see him stay around playing in the VFL for us


Gave it his best


Good luck Benny and thanks.
Sorry we stuffed you around.
I hate it when highly regarded and respected players get delisted.
I wonder how I’ll feel when Stringer gets the chop!


Thanks BobCat really appreciate what you brought to the club.

I paid tribute to Heater with the 2011 round 15 win against the previously undefeated Geelong. Heater was only half of the story of that match. Watson out injured, wheels fallen off on our season, but where Heater played in the guts and got 25 possessions, so did Benny and got 27 possessions, including 13 contested, 9 tackles and a goal. Chris Scott admitted he had been surprised by the intensity with which we played, and Benny was a big part of that story as was Heater.

We will miss you guys.


All the best BOBCAT


Echo all the sentiments on here. Hard at it, eye for a goal, unquestionable commitment. I personally would have kept him, because we don’t have anyone else really like him - that bullockibg type with mongrel. His last game was v Carlton and while he didn’t get a heap of it, he kicked probably THE goal that turned it around for us to win a game we didn’t deserve to win. That got us into the 8! Thanks benny!


Well done Ben. An admirable career at AFL level. I was 50/50 on delisting; could see benefit in keeping on the list. Surprised J Merrett survived.


I think if you can make it to 100 games you have had an excellent AFL career. Well done on an excellent career Ben!
The right decision made though.


Yep J Merrett also must go now. If there was one spot for JM or BH I would much rather Benny.


For now.

All the best Bobcat.


I wouldn’t actually (sorry @paddyl90) but the more appropriate and damning comparison is now Merrett versus Smith.


Good luck for him in all his future endeavours. You could question his place in the team, but never his commitment or his will to win.

I do still think it might have been better for both parties to part ways in 2014 though.

Cough, Zaharakis and Myers, cough.


I don’t think he’s missed more than 3 seniors game in a year between his first year and this year: pretty sure he went 2-3 years there without playing VFL at all.
I liked Bobcat, but he’s the sort of guy who should have been fringe: and wasn’t.

Still, gave it absolutely everything every time he went out there and put that freaking boulder of a head over it unquestioningly.
Thanks, Bobcat.


Jerrett should be in the next round of delistings.