#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted


One of my favourites of the last 10 years. A sad day. Thanks for always giving it all you had Bobcat.


Hawks were interested in him at the end of 2014.


Never know what the players of this era might have become.


Jerrett is Zack’s stable pony now.


Always loved watching Benny play.

All the best, Bobcat, in whatever the future holds for you.


Loved his attack on the ball and tackles.

All the best for the future Ben.


All the best Benny !

Wonder if the club would offer him a spot on the VFL team? Or would he make more money playing locally ?

Either way hope he has a bright future post footy


Good move by the club.
He was only going to be borderline selection again.
You’d rather spend time getting games into Lav and Langford now and also get some more youngsters in, to develop underneath the JD/Jerrett/Fantasia/Walla group.


Always underrated and always good value. All the best, Ben.


I’ve always liked Benny and have thought he was underrated. Hard as a cats head and his skills were good too. Pace and a little height probably the two areas that hurt him now.
I wouldn’t have been unhappy to see him get another year, even if it meant only half a dozen games in the seniors when covering injuries. I think he is the type of player that is good to have around the club, and after everything the club put him through, I would have had no issue at all repaying some loyalty even if it were over and above what might ordinarily be the case.
Like Nick O’Brien, I’d be really happy if he ended up with our VFL team. Having said that, he would probably be a pretty good pick up for a club like Gold Coast or Brisbane to help coach the younger guys and provide a bit of coverage as they develop.




Thanks for the memories Bobcat


Jezza would have played a few at the end of the season if not for the busted fetlock, … and quite likely would have held a spot. Is on the improve and getting his handle on a role.

Will feature going fwd.

(I’ve said all this a few times already haven’t i>…?? :thinking: )


And, … Thanks Benny, . you always gave all you had for us.

Sorry to see you go, … but you’re always a Bomber to me.


Friendship over.


Didn’t Myers miss half of 2012 with a slight knock?


Not surprised. Disappointed. But once again not surprised.

Whilst I don’t agree with some of the comments expressed on this board today in relation to "how many games he deserved"etc., I’ve appreciated reading the majority of posts commending him for his honest, hard working and team approach to each game. Can we just focus on the good? He was never flashy, but he was an honest battler who gave his all and did so more than many other players who went before him throughout the years.

He and his wife are some of the nicest people you could ever meet and they’ve been so very good to me over the years. I’ve been able to express my gratitude to them personally and received some really nice messages back. This is one of the better sides of football where you can build relationships with players throughout their time at the club. It will be weird seeing somebody else in the #40 but understand that it’s the time for change at our club and I’m excited of where the list is heading.

But for now it’s just a big thank you to you Mr. Howlett! AWOOOOO!!!


Yeah it was just a knock to the calf


There were often moments with Howlett (a few times it was entire games) where he looked incredible. A little shimmy through a pack, a sublime baulk, a freakish snap goal.

He had some tricks, he wasn’t just a tackling machine. Could never seem to do the ‘next level’ stuff consistently over full games / seasons, though.

He’ll absolutely kill it at state level next year.

Cheers Bobcat.


That’s a bit harsh on Bobcat.