#40 Ben Howlett - Delisted




What do you mean?


Presume he has signed with our VFL side


I hope not. No offence to these guys, but I want the youngsters getting mid time. Hocking, NOB and Howlett seems overkill.


I thought NOB had moved on to the EDFL?

Two senior blokes in the VFL side is about right imho. As long as there’s few young blokes (preferably including indigenous representation) on the VFL list to go with them, we’re probably ok.

We probably could use at least one solid VFL level kpp to help out Lavender/Zerk/Francis, but other than that, our AFL-listed guys should be able to carry a lot of the weight this year.


Has he? Well that might change things.


Pretty sure he has gone


Yeah, NOB is gone.

Hocking to his credit didn’t line up in the square often at all last year so I suspect that will be the case again. Howlett did though so hopefully he doesn’t take to much time away from the young guys.

They are both club men though so I suspect they will want what’s best for the team.


Also won’t have Bird in there this year who was a big body for nearly the entire season.


Sorry too sleepy on a Friday night to notice that he retweeted Heath Hocking’s tweet :wink:


Interesting NOB has gone - who is likely to be captain?


Hocking for me


Hocking would have to be favourite


NOB is with strathmore. Was with him two fridays ago at mooney valley races he was a mutual friend with my mate and i had a chat to him about it.


Howlett has returned to W. A. to his former WAFL club Peel Thunder.


paddy announcing a move to WA too.


I saw Bobcat in Bunbury on the weekend. He never struck me as the vain type or one to fiddle with his hair…

Turns out you can be a tough hard footy player and a bit of a princess all at the same time…


??? What do you mean?


He’s got a cinder block for a head, he needs all the help he can get!


Head like a smashed crab.