#40 Tex Wanganeen

Who’s laying the boot in? Have i missed something?

Serious question. This thread was bumped with saying “why all the hate for tex”

Where is it?


As one of the six people behind the city-end goals that day, get stuffed.

Was four goals + ten marks in a quarter.

Back in those days 6/6/6 didn’t exist, so after the first four goals we cleared out the fifty and they played two players on him. That forced him to out-run them, rather than out-power them, and that was when he racked up the insane number of marks.

We had been waaaaaaay behind at half-time… eventually Alessio kicked the winning goal in the final minute.


Im still looking for all this hate


Hate = some posters sharing a pragmatic point of view that an out of contract rookie in his third year at the club, whose body has let him down consistently might be up against it to retain his place on the list.


I for one, welcome our new farked-over lord and all the subsequent whipping-boy hate posted, such as, umm, err…

I for one welcome our new farked-over lord.

Anyways, there’s not enough hate in here for Blitzer comfort. I’m off to the Laverde thread. He’s the ranking farked-over lord. Long live the king.


I tend to forget that he’s on our list. Is that hate?

Yes, that’s hate.
Rex Tangerine should be the first name that comes to mind when thinking about the Essendon list.

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His biggest challenge is being able to develop the tank to play a small forward role in the AFL which requires more speed-endurance mix than it ever has with all the defensive emphasis

He wasn’t a great endurance athlete before the injuries and many of his injuries seem to be “overuse” injuries which says that he is trying but unable to build at the pace of the AFL.

He has talent but if he is delisted he may benefit from a slower building of his body in the lower leagues before another crack in his mid 20s

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Some people just create fake scenarios to act like a white knight for no reason. Its weird

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Averaging less than 7 disposals in the last 6 games. Wish he’d get involved more.
There’s opportunity at AFL level for Tex if he’s genuinely interested.

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Needs a miracle to get another year on the list. Or even another game in the 1’s


If he isn’t getting a token game last night, I think that is it for him.


Has basically done nothing since that practice game that got him signed up unfortunately. I would have like to have seen him tried at half back at some point, he is a nice kick.

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Lol he’s ■■■■■■■ done

Him and Weideman are the only clear delistings i can see on our list at the moment. i dont see us moving on Heppell or Goldy.

We’ve been “unlucky” with our father-sons haven’t we.



I think Jobe did ok.


so…one good one out of the past 30 years…

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Goldys time is coming fast. Doubt he goes again.

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