#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


Wtf actually happened to him this year


Peeto rated him and got on his bandwagon. That’s what happened.


Got whiplash and was never seen again.

Lucky they didn’t bring out the curtain.


Peeto joining a bandwagon stops at breakneck speed.


He got whiplash in preseason then in June it was aggravated by a collision in comeback training. Probably wise to take the cautious approach. Can’t wait to se that laser pass back in action.



The AFL site has Ben as Cat A now.

That only leaves Lavender as Cat B


Ta Daaaaa!!


B-B-B-Benny is a jet.


Deserves a bump.

Really good performance yesterday. His footskills are excellent. If we can fit him in, it will certainly assist our attack from defense.


He was very good, as was Bags though. These two will be fighting it out for that last spot in the backline. I love Bags but it would be good for the team if Benny can get past him.



Could Bags and McNeice both play down back?

If McNeice somehow could hold down a spot at half back, we could see McKenna pushed up onto a wing.


Baguley played in both of McNeices’s games in 2017.
Gleeson didn’t play those. McKenna missed ANZAC day. I think he was suspended


I don’t mind the idea of freeing McKenna up to play wing if we lose some of our small speedsters. Problem is Irish historically doesn’t have the instinct for the flow of the game, tends to play better in defence. If he’s learnt enough to play mid, then fantastic.


Ah yes Gleeson.

Tough to get all 3 in one backline, depends on opposition forward structure I guess.

Ha, lets’s see Benny in both JLT games,
Hopefully smashes it.


Players withlockdown defensive skills and elite disposal are like golddust. Baggers is tough but might have slowed down a bit. Ben has a good chance at best 22 this year.


Another elite kick in defence would be really handy. Iv’e always liked mcniece the only question i had over him were how clean his hands were under pressure. Imagine 41, 42 and 45 in defence though. Three guys with speed and mostly elite kicking skills would be very damaging.


I didn’t think Saad’s kicking was considered elite. I thought it was a weakness.
Happy to be wrong though


Not with Saad and Oirish playing there too, I don’t think. And Gleeson as another rebound-type defender. If McNiece is going to crack into the side, it will be via injuries, retirement (Bags) or someone moving to a different position (Oirish to midfield) I reckon.


Probably right.

Love to see McKenna as an attacking wingman one day.