#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


The agile little fellas from the opposition will be too busy trying to stop our agile little fellas


Palpably false, eg. in the elimination final, Sydney took 26 contested marks to our 8.
They destroyed us in the air. Sinclair took 4 contested marks.


I don’t recall us contesting any of those freakin’ marks.


Can’t wait to see McNiece this year, he’s my tip for “most improved”. I’m eyeing him off for Bags’ spot.


Those stats show there are hardly any contested marks in OUR modern game.


I’m not sure playing a bloke who’s 195cm and 92kg as a key defender was much of a compromise by Adelaide.


Sinclair took 4 contested marks, the other 5 were taken 15m in front of Hurley.


McNiece breaks through

Small defender Ben McNiece was restricted to just two senior games in his debut season last year, but an impressive JLT performance in Essendon’s win over Geelong has given him fresh confidence of a breakthrough season.

The 25-year-old played a crucial role in the comeback victory on Sunday, impressing with his pressure and repeat efforts – something he prides his game on.

“It’s something that I’ve tried to make my trademark, just that pressure on,” McNiece said.

“(I) don’t get as many touches (as some other players) and I’m really working on my rebound this year.

“In terms of defensive pressure, I’m trying to keep that as a maximum and trying to work on a few other aspects of my game as well to really help the team along.”

McNiece debuted on Anzac Day before playing just one more AFL match the following week in 2017 and said he was thrilled to be back into the senior team against the Cats.

“It’s been a while between drinks obviously playing Anzac Day and then one other after that, so it was really pleasing to get back out here.

“(I’m) rapt to be back out here and round one is around the corner, so I’d love to be in that side when it comes around.”

The defender said the side would take plenty of confidence out of defeating a strong Geelong line-up as the Bombers head into another challenge against Adelaide in the opening round.

“It’s good for a bit of confidence for the boys and leading into round one it’s good to get some chemistry under our belt,” he said.

“With Adelaide in round one, we’ve got to be on our game.”

While admitting that the Bombers weren’t at their best for the entirety of the match, McNiece said the side was happy with the way it fought back to win, showing some of the pressure in the contest that has been a focal point in the pre-season.

“It was just pleasing to show in the last quarter we could still get the job done,” McNiece said.

“We’ve really been focused on trying to play four quarters of really good, hard contested footy this year.

“We probably went away from that a little bit today when Geelong did get on top, but it’s really pleasing to see that we can come back to it.”


Loved his 1% but Menzel led him to the most of the time.

Still, he’s a chance.


I reckon if they’re writing that article right now, they’re going to pick him for round 1.


Seems that way.

Bags might be struggling with his knee again, and been able to do enough on track to get himself in right shape for round 1.

With Saad likely to get the lock down role on Betts, having McKenna & McNeice attacking off HBF and using their kicking skills will be important

Not sure he played all that well in JLT2 however


A very average game - Think he nearly played out of the round 1 team, though I suspect he will be a starter - He needs to ensure he can impact the contest when he leaves his opponent.


Menzel was a fkn terrible matchup but not all the goals were a result of mcneice


Well done to get back in with not much form to speak of.


Not a senior footballer. Way too small. Wasting our time with him instead of Redman.

But he speaks well and is a good Essendon person so he’ll manage to carve out 5-6 years on our list.


He had many mates today.

However didn’t fill me with any confidence today. But probably gotta persist with him over the likes of Bags


Not up to it.


List clogger


Panic merchant. How many times did he crap himself today and fumble it or drop a mark


How many games has he played?
Harsh judges you lot

if you want to ‘play the kids’ - this is what you get