#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


He wasn’t our worst today that’s for sure but I just really don’t see what he offers.
Don’t see the point in persisting with a 26 year old bit part player when we have kids like Redman and Ridley waiting in the wings.


Not great, not terrible.

But It’s a bit like the Myers selection - why pick him off limited preparation? He wasn’t coming off a month of good footy.


Precisely his selection was comical.

If only the sane approach was adopted for Langford.


It’s Rd 6 and before today he had 1 VFL game under his belt. Not even a JLT game. Why he came straight in is beyond me.


Surprised I had to go so far the thread list to find his- thought it would be blowing up. Nothing against the guy at all but he is miles, miles off. Has a real crack to his credit but he’s just not up to the standard. Won’t point out the individual instances I’m thinking of out of respect and due to being acutely aware i am nowhere near capable of doing what he has done.


I don’t get why he was played?


I would guess… that we were hoping to improve that horrible kick across half back that usually ends up in an opposition goal.
We miss Mckenna.


Agree - Why play him instead of Ridley? McNeice is a good VFL player - maybe. He is 26 so why is playing?


Very harsh on McNeice.
I’d have him waaay ahead of Baguley


At least he redoubled his efforts after a mistake, a bit like Dea in that respect.


I would play him ahead of Baguley too - but we need to see if Ridley is anywhere near as good as Witherden! Who was genius who made that recruiting decision? Sack him now!


I don’t think he looks anywhere near defensively capable enough to play a lock down role at AFL level.

That’s not saying he’s no good, he has got some nice attributes that translate to senior level, but he’s very unlikely to make it in the role that he has supposedly been groomed for, imo.


Hasn’t looked likely in terms of 1-on-1 defending and as a mature age player he should already have that. Game sense/positioning doesn’t look up to it.

In saying that defence constantly under pump makes no one look great.

He’s quick enough, can tackle and is a beautiful kick, play him fwd instead perhaps.


But he doesn’t have the skills.


I’ve seen him dob goals on the run from 50. Also a long snap in 2’s game before the call up last week.

And he weights his passes to leading forwards excellently

Def has footy skills.


And doesn’t have the footy smarts


I’m reserving judgement on him for the moment. Done some good things, done some bad so wasnt on his Pat Malone in that regard, especially given the pressure they found themselves under in 2nd half.

I was surprised though tbh, that they decided he had done enough to earn a recall after very limited VFL time and pre season. I didn’t think he was ready.

PS…Didnt realise he was that old either, so unfortunately we cant waste too much time on him if he doesnt develop quickly.


We treat guys who could/should be reasonable role players as if they’re absolute superstars.

Myers, McNeice, both come in with no form- and it showed.
And on the flip side, kids who have that form aren’t getting reward.
The selection panel as a whole is playing ducks and drakes.


Didn’t he play the JLT game against Cats??


I’m more upset with the fact that he was selected more than his actual performance.

He hasn’t played a good game of footy for 12 months or more and has had significant injury problems.

I can’t understand why Essendon refuses to reward good form in the 2’s and build selection pressure.

Drop the under performing and reward consistent good form from the 2’s.

Watch how quickly the highly payed superstars turn their form around when they are running around in the magoos.