#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


Who would fill that role from the VFL Team ? Though I have no idea why Baguley and McNiece were both selected.


Keep this bloke in, take Baguley out the back of the barn and bring Irish back in.

That’s a defence I’d be interested to see.


I would have given Redman a go before McNiece.

Some argue that Redman is a flanker but McNiece isn’t exactly a back pocket himself.

The thing that annoys me is that there is no method to selection except if you are in the boys club.

I would love for somebody from the club to explain to me how he was worthy of being picked.

Before the weekend he had played 2 senior games and has spent the best part of 12 months injured.


What? He lacks a few things. Hardness is not one of them.


It’s obvious that the club rates McNiece so wishes to see him at AFL level - Two games at VFL is enough seeing he had a full pre-season.


Crappped his pants going back for 3 marks on the weekend. Is that hardness?


Ahhhhh I see he’s a #goodbloke


Don’t think any of his 7 kicks today justified the wraps on his disposal.


Thought he was ok in the first half


Please put games into younger players who have potential than this bloke


Had a much better 2nd game.


That’s only his second game for the season at any level, wasn’t it? Was way better yesterday


But you want to bring Smack in?
Play all the kids and see what we have got and the very least we will have a huge dumpster fire at seasons end


Seriously? I thought he used it very well and 2 kicks in particular were darts which you could see were the sort of kick that justifies an “elite” tag.

He did turn it over with that missed kick on the run, he reminds me of Suckling in style, don’t think his style is conducive to being elite when moving at pace cf. Dempsey, Hibberd, Lovett (and he’s not even super fast).

Think he just needs to work more on his locking down, want to see more of him.


Not every player is a gun from day dot, some players grow into it. He’s not a kid so time is shorter but I reckon give him 2/3 weeks and if he’s not upto it he gets loaded into the dreaded cannon.


My concern is his size and aggression.

If McKenna does eventually graduate to midfield then having two midgets like Saad and McNiece playing down back is just to easy to coach against.

I’m not convinced he will make it.


He isn’t a kid. He is a couple of months older than our captain.

But he is a late starter, and has had bugger all footy at the highest level. I see no reason not to give him a good run of footy. Has some skills.

edit : would you believe I misread your post CB … my bad.


Baggas looked utterly ■■■■ in his first 15 games.


Looks like he’s done a 360 and gone back to ■■■■


Why do they call it an Xbox 360? Because you do a 360 and walk away.