#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


I thought he was pretty good and his disposal was clean; we sure as hell need good kicks in the side so I’d certainly persist. I’m also very keen to see Redman get a game. At least the backline is an area where we have real depth.


Seemed more confident with his game and most importantly displayed a good attack on the ball - Still has a way to go.


Boy, is this youngster pretty shittyy at football? good bloke though. And in the end, thats what matters


Not good enough. Next.


Neautiful kick but decision making shocking. Letting the ball bounce throigh for that goal when he could have marked it was terrible


I don’t get what he is. Is he a playmaking HB? Has average disposal at best so no. Can he lock down on an opponent as a shutdown defender? No. Too small, gets out-bodied, loses his feet in contests and a bunny overhead. How he has managed to play 4 games in a row having put in what I would call below average performances and Langford, after playing well Round 1 plays one bad game v Freo (had plenty of mates that day) and get dropped the very next week is puzzling to say the least. He’s just not an AFL footballer. Not going to slag him off or personally bag him, but that is just the honest truth.


He isn’t AFL standard, let’s be honest here.


Delist. Delist. Delist.




I could never work out the Blitz adulation. AFL level boot. That’s about it.


Was hyped for some unknown reason.

Lucky for him the selectors seem to like him.


Tell ya what, every time I saw him play vfl he was way, way better than what he’s producing

Yeah, I don’t think he’s up to it




He has looked pretty good at VFL level at times. I just don’t think he’s got enough tools - he’s smallish, not particularly quick, not particularly hard, not particularly good overhead.


He’s to outside for a backflanker/small defender but without any significant weapons like a McKenna or Saad.

Some say his kicking but it’s very shallow which limits him as a player.

We need another hardnut like Hibberd.

I personally would try Guelfi as the small defender. His attack on the footy is good and is decent overhead.


Small but not quick enough, pretty poor in the contest. Meh…




Redman, surely.


Was given the extended run at it that others haven’t benefited from and found wanting. Nothing against the guy but like others have said, not enough signs to suggest he’s worth persisting with any longer. I like the suggestion of Guelfi and I also like Redmans agro so either should be trailed next


Not sold on him.

I prefer Guelfi based on the way he goes about it. Has a good history of doing jobs for the coach in a similar way to say a Baguley has in the past.

I think we have too much flair in the backline and I would like to see some more players that hate to get beaten.

Redman has a bit of anger about him but not sure he can do a job. And he’s not great overhead either which makes him more suited to an attacking defender.