#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


I quite like him overhead and I think he is good one one. We should see him soon, regardless.


I agree he needs to be looked at.

I actually liked him early days but I find him very inconsistent in the VFL.

Needs a run regardless.


Hard to believe this guy gets a game. I’m not sure if he could have got to that ball yesterday, but it sure looked like he shepherded it through for a goal for them.


Has a nice left kick when he’s under no pressure, but otherwise he’s a panic merchant, weak at the contest and doesn’t shut down his opponent. Glad we tried him but NEXT



Why he was even picked has me fkd


Did a few things.

That is all.


Did nothing. Slow. Can’t defend. Makes bad decisions. Never pick him again

Hurts me to say because I saw him quite a few times at vfl level and he was good. He’s nothing like that player at senior level




Delist this bloke and leave it at that. Should never of been selected at all. Would of been better naming Francis.


Can he kick goals?

Because he isn’t an AFL standard defender.

Can kick though.


Delist and don’t waste any more games on this bloke.


Questionable selection over Dea and once again proved to be not much at senior level. They must think low of Dea if they’re dropping him from a winning team over him.


One close loss and people have a go at all the fringe players. He’s was okay for the first game back. Did a few good things including a desperate smother. He is also a really good kick.


His opponent Thomas only had 11 possesions & 1 point.

I don’t recall any glaring howlers

Barely noticed him or Thomas


I thought he was alright without being exceptional.

Played a role and bulleted a couple of passes.

Was his best game in the seniors but he didn’t have a very high benchmark coming into this game to be fair.


Yep, not sure what the issue was here. It was dropping Dea rather than Ambrose that had me scratching my head. Thought McNiece did his job.

Only issue was how long he took to make decisions a few times, but he had a few more credentialed mates with him on that score.


Thomas has been in really good goal kicking form.
Good selection given the type & quality of the pies’ forwards and good defensive game by McNeice.


Give him his due, a disciplined negating role to keep Thomas to 11 disposals. Didn’t get much of it himself, but JT has been a prime mover for the Pies this year so that was a win to B-Mack there.


B - Mack. Really.


Hung low like Bernie mack