#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


At VFL level McNiece plays more like an interceptor rather than a lock down defender.

He cuts balls off across halfback and then uses his kicking rather than his dash to set up our forward movements.

Then he comes in to the senior team and plays the opposite role.

I’m not particularly a fan and it appears to be a case of give him a game because he has leadership qualities.


What’s this bs bagging mcneice i thought at the game he was alright and just watched the replay he didn’t make any mistakes and beat his opponent. Seems a few people in here running agendas.


He beat his opponent. In the old days you were happy with that as a small back.


I thought he was good, no way you drop him this week


It’s very important that anything resembling the old days is eliminated from the AFL.


Played desperate, second and third efforts, might as well see what he has to offer for a few games


There’s a standard Blitz feedback loop that goes;
I didn’t want him selected.
■■■■ we lost.
Blame the player I didn’t want selected.

Neatly bypasses certain sections of the brain when posting.


Wow. Underrated Post Much.


It comes down to confidence and knowing how the guys around you play. This is common amongst those that play a lot of VFL, he needs time to feel comfortable.


He’d be an option. He was in to do a job, if the match ups don’t favour him next week he goes out.


I don’t particularly rate him at VFL level.

Coaches like him though.




I said it in the pre match thread against Collingwood.
You need enough players within your defensive 6 or 7 that can successfully exit the ball by foot from the back 3rd of the ground.
Particularly against these better sides that are well drilled, organised, and have a consistent approach to shutting down play makers off HB.

But you still get nuffies saying “Dea should have stayed in, in place of McNiece”.
Now personally, and I made this point in the Changes thread, I would have gone Ridley in place of 1 of Ambrose or Dea, but I clearly understood the selection of McNiece.
He’s not a speedster, but certainly quicker than Paddy and Dea (important against the Pies forwardline), and definitely a better kick, much better !

I went to the game, and am now 3 qtrs into the replay, and haven’t seen any howlers from McNiece.
Speedy says he was playing on Thomas who was virtually unsighted.
Yet we still have f*cktards placing him in their OUTS because they’ve already decided he isn’t good enough.
How about we have a look at him for a couple more weeks ?
See if he can develop some confidence at the level against some lesser sides.

At age 26, we need to make a call on him.
Just needed to vent because this place sh*ts me at times.


When he is in the side what is our winning %?
Sorry I am sure he is a nice bloke but NGE.


He’s not in our best 22 or even the next half a dozen. He comes in when we have multiple injuries. That’s going to make wins harder to come by, I would have thought.


Maybe that will prove to be true that he isn’t good enough at AFL level, but I wouldn’t be using our win % with him in the team as a useful criteria, given he has only played a total of 6 games !


Thomas was nearly their worst.
McNiece went alright, love to see more of that left foot that’s supposed to be a weapon.


Probably won’t make it but didn’t do much wrong from what I saw and had a fkn CRACK FFS



Not seeing it at all with this bloke…


This is what annoys me with selection.

Mcniece when he returned didn’t earn a recall.

Been awful tonight so far.