#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


Nor am I


Agreed. But who have we got in the ressies who could play as a small defender?


do we even ■■■■■■■ need one today?


Why do we need him in though?

Small defender or not just don’t think he is best 22.

I like McGrath midfield but with McKenna, saad and McGrath that’s enough small back coverage in that role most weeks imo. Guelfi can play down there too.


My bet is he’s a great bloke. Can’t football for ■■■■ though. I’ve supported us for 40 years, he’s the worst senior player at the Bombers I’ve seen.


Who replaces this guy next week? Ridley?


I appreciate his efforts however both parties have tried. Time to move on.


Joel Renolds?


Never again, PLEASE!!!




Thanks for his efforts, but shouldn’t play again.


Umm… yeah


Ridley had 5 disposals in the VFL today. Doesn’t appear to be ready to come back


You would imagine that this is the end for him. Sad to see his dream over but he is simply not good enough for the top game. That’s not terrible as he can still have a good career at the lower levels but he really shouldn’t play AFL.


Dwayne Armstrong say’s hi.


Was never in the Seniors. Was a 2’s player.


Out for Francis, Francis just makes large sections of the backline unkickable to, doesn’t need to man up a player, just own a space.



Oh…so worst senior level footballer you’ve ever seen.
I see.


Has he played football before tonight?