#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


I mentioned last year in a warm up before a game i was watching him closely and he had the most un clean concrete hands i’d seen on a league footballer in basic drills. That gets even more exposed in the wet and guys like tippa excel.
His kicking, toughness and pace is good but when the ball is a bit moist he gets exposed big time.


Keeps getting talked about as having “elite” disposal but I’ve just never seen it with this guy. 7 disposals, with 4 turnovers. And he’s what, 26 or something? Next.


was more exposed tonight than a nudist at a Burqa convention.


7 disposals, 4 clangers, 3 frees against. Putrid.




Im 45yo and struggle to see how hes getting a game before me.


I felt sorry for him tonight. Tries but just not up to it. Well done. You’ve played more games than i ever will, which admittedly is a very low bar.


Hurley on Twitter:

“Only a handful games into his career. Give him time. He will be a player.”


Very interesting for a player to come out with a tweet like that.
Hopefully it gives McNeice a bit of confidence because he needs something going for him.


It was a shocker.


That was such a terrible game. It was so bad I actually feel sorry for him. Give him one more game - you can’t finish an AFL career with that type of game.


After the first few glaring mistakes he lost all confidence, i don’t know if he can get it back because he has shown some absolute brilliant kicking in the past.


Dylan van Unen is applauding Ty Zantuck’s shot for goal.


Looks a bit lost in general play at times. Didn’t apply much pressure and this was against GC. Against top sides he will exposed and exploited on a grand scale. He seriously need an upgrade.


Joel Renoylds for sure


I did notice last night that Hurley went to him quite often with encouragement. Probably also thinking how does this guy get a game quietly in his head.


Interesting that Josh Thomas has 3 goals already today and it’s halfway through the 2nd quarter. Did Ben do a better defensive job than we thought last week?


He was excellent in that regard, the problem isn’t his ability to shut down someone, it is what he does when he gets the ball that is of concern.


I’m not sure he’s ever really shown that at senior level. Vfl certainly.


That, and when there isn’t a sub-180cm opponent for him to go to. He shut down Thomas, but if someone was even medium height and a half-decent mark McNiece would struggle.