#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


Send himback to Momma…the big boys are too big for him.


Had a few few bad moments. Still seems overwhelmed. Give him a chance.


The problems I see isn’t just that his offensive game hasn’t translated into the AFL, it’s that he can be exploited defensively as he isn’t overly quick or strong and at 178cm he will struggle on anyone who plays tall. He’s kind of like Hartley, no stand out athletic features and his kicking game doesn’t make the step up, but there could be an AFL player in there somewhere.


Interesting watching him…he was totally out of confidence. He kept losing the handle on the ball. When clear with the ball he got smothered or shanked it


On the contrary, I think that is the exact type of game which should be finishing an AFL career.


Tbh I think it was an aborrant cheesing of the rules that allowed us to list him in the first place.

I hate the AFL as much as the next guy, and am eager to find new ways to stick it to them But Ben McNeice is not the sort of player we should ever had listed under the multi cultural rule.

This has been exacerbated by the reality that he might actually be ■■■■■


What exactly is “aborrant cheesing”?


You don’t wanna know.


A spoonerism for “aberrant choosing” ?


Reminds me of a girl I once knew.

Yeah ok, I went there.


Send him to my x. Kyle’s Mom will order him to grow some. Sheesh!


Is that what happens when we don’t draft an Indigenous kid and instead go for the vanilla panic merchant with good leadership?

Also I didn’t think we could still use that term


It’s when the monkeys not only surrender but serve their new masters an exquisitely deep fried Camembert with fig confiture.


I thought he did well tonight, didn’t panic and used it well. Great comeback after last week.


Agreed. Showed some of the good kicking that had only been a rumour so far


Solid game from Ben…good to see. Think that mark was rubbish


His best game in Essendon colours


easily, was good


Starting to feel comfortable no doubt now

Was very good IMO. Some beautiful attacking kicks into middle. Clean pick ups and disposal in the last when heat was on.

No star but can do a good job

Matera. 1 goal. Not sure if it was on him.

Giro. 0 goals.

Either way their smalls did nothing


Just remember what we all though about Baguley in his first 10 games.