#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


Nice game from Benny.
Maybe starting to find his feet.


Improved across game. Wasn’t terrible. Is merely minding a spot until McKenna is back


That he was a guy finding his feet at the top level and some posters rushing to write him off were going too early?

Oh don’t worry, I always remember that when Blitz cracks the sads about a guy who has played very few games.


Was a huge improvement this week, good disposal.

unloaded from cannon.


VFL. Was on Walters a lot and he was close to Freo’s best.


I preferred Smack to Hurley at the moment


I didn’t actually think he was that great. Not poor, not great. Too often defending empty space and a terrible turnover in the centre. But also some brilliant kicks, and that bump free was rubbish.


His best game for us, maybe there’s still hope. Good on him.



McKenna’s injury has allowed him to play a more attacking role. He finally showed his kicking skills off, needs to build on that performance he’ll likely play most of the last 5 games, can’t see us rushing McKenna back.


Certainly isn’t one that if been expecting much from. That was the first time we’ve seen what he can produce in the vfl at senior level. Good luck to him. Hopr he goes on with it.



But … but … McNeice is a spud. Slow, can’t kick, no awareness … Blitz has been telling me relentlessly …


Certainly can’t kick well enough for this team, two pinpoint passes that break the game open is unacceptable. Has he not learnt to kick backwards to a contested situation yet?



Thought he played well and deserved to stay in the team


Definitely played well

It was either him or a mid like Parish drops out & given Swans contested ball style chose to keep more midfield reinforcements no doubt.

Good to know we can now turn to Benny as needed though


Brilliant. Stays in over pretty much anyone of the 10 plodders you can name in that team today


All he did was bullet passes right down the throat of Hawthorn players all game and ran around like a headless chook when we didn’t have the ball.

How did this guy have a good game, at all?


Just don’t see it in him, should be a prime candidate for delisting


His opponents today were Breust (2 goals in no time) the got switched to Whitecross who got his only goal from a McNeice turnover. His “bullet passes” either found grass or a hawthorn player. Please no more, play a kid instead. Valuable experience for Ridley being wasted here IMO.