#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


Would much rather play Ridley or the like over Ben.

Has a crack but skills seem lacking. Harsh call as he hasn’t played much but he ain’t no 18 year old.


Thought he was good today in winning a number of contested ball situations.
He also read the play well on a few occasions by making it to a teammates opponent to kill a hawthorn attack.
Hawthorns use of the ball is always going to make a defenders day difficult.


I think Ridley injured himself in VFL


I thought he was OK.
Far from our worst ball user. Far from our worst defensively.
Coughed up 2 on Breust, one of them was bad. Breust’s made a lot of better players than him look pretty stupid.


You must have missed the Freo match. Give the guy a chance, has only played a handful.


Capable VFL player.


Thought he was pretty solid today.


His role is to shut down opponents, impact the contest within his immediate area. If you watch the game carefully he does this better than almost anyone on our list. There are a lot of headless chooks running around in the efc jumper. The starting centre bounces are a prime example.


Surely joking? Played on Walters who kicked 3-4 & absolutely carved him up! Was on Breust today early but two goals in a few minutes early in the second quarter meant he was moved to whitecross, probably their least dangerous forward who kicked his only goal from a McNeice turnover. He’s slow, reactive, 26 years old and not going to improve. Classic clogger.


I’d never thought I’d ever say this… we really missed Dea today.


We missed a lot of players.


Yep. Were saying badly bruised bone in the foot. Couldn’t put weight on it. Had a moon boot in the end.


Not at all. I thought he showed enough during that game to show why the club rates him. Has hardly had a good run at it to make a definitive decision whether he’s up to it or not. Only my opinion which you can take or leave.


And Mitch Brown had a basket of a day couldn’t kick them through the big ones to save us.


I thought he was good tonight. Hard, honest performance down back.

Has a nice frame and likes to use it to win the contest.

He is shorter and plays a different position but he has an Ambrose vibe that i like.


Looked very shaky early on against gresham. I was really worried about that match up but he kept at it and ended up having a reasonable game


Hard worker. Prefer Dea but it’s good to know there’s a bit of depth there.


Will be the New Bags in that pocket soon.


Thats the plan. I did say this when we picked him up!


This guy is so so bad in the air