#41 Ben McNiece - India's Own


He does have a fair boot on him!


Played well. Some great punches tonight.

Reads it well in flight. So good in the air for his size.




Not seeing it and thought his papers would have been stamped after that Collingwood game especially. Dea is very^10 stiff.


He’s going alright IMO


Redman, Gleeson


I’ve been watching the Saints a fair bit and Gresham is a gun, so fairly good game from Benny today. Got better as the game went on.


I wasn’t there but did he have the job on Gresham all night? If so, impressive defensive effort to blanket his output.


He is improving. He is shutting down small dangerous forwards. Big Jon next week. Richmond have a few we need to close down.


Yep. That’s his key advantage. He could be very damaging with enough of the ball. Not a bad prospect for the 2nd or 3rd layer of backline depth.


Still not sure if he’s quite best 22, but he’s done enough to deserve a spot for 2019.


Tbh he might turn out OK


Regular 22 next season confidence building

Strangely enough I think he will over take Dea


Funny when we are winning and he is given a few games consistently he shows his worth. I have really liked how the selection committee has chosen horses for courses. Dea has been really unlikely with the injury and not to be automatically back in, but I think it is also been very clear that we have chosen a smaller backline when appropriate like Collingwood because Matty struggles with the smaller forwards. The saints don’t have a big forward line at all hence I think why ben was kept in last night. Matty is great on taller and medium sized forwards not the nippy smalls. Ben is better on the nippy smalls like Josh Thomas and Gresham who he held well after Gresham started well. I think Gresham was initially on Saad or Connor. Next week depending on what happens with Hooker we probably need both. Ben will take a Butler and Dea maybe a Caddy?


Got great foot skills, but that’s it. Average defender, not sure he has the tank to be a mid.


Not to be harsh, but he had a poor first half and may have had his pants pulled down if he was playing half decent opposition. When Dea’s fit he goes straight out. He’ll be 27 next year, surely there’s better options in the state leagues/trade gettable small defenders that have a better upside than him


He can take over Dea but even then I’d have Gleeson, Redman and Ambrose over both Dea and McNiece.


Gleeson will slot straight back into best 221 next season no doubt. And we are a better team with him playing.
We sort of didn’t realise how good he was until he was injured and not playing. Anodther pre-season under his belt and he will be rearing to go.


Dea is better in the air by a mile.
But McNeice is significantly a better kick.


When has anyone even mentioned the notion of him being a midfielder? Back pockets plucked from the state leagues in their mid 20s don’t have a long history of becoming AFL midfielders.