#42 Adam Saad


… Saad makes some Swan look like a crab

1st lol of the day.

Much appreciated on this wet dreary as fk Monday morn.


Probably tougher than he is fast. Was bossing the bin chickens all over the ground.


If only his brother, Mo, was as good as Adam is, then we could have a forward version



Talk to the hand Rampe you carnt



No coincidence that our performances have improved as he has become better integrated into the team and his output had increased


Saad, Brown and fkg Myers, who would’ve picked those 3??


Why would he watch that game in his off-time? Coaches do have some down time you know, maybe he just
wanted to relax for a few hours.

I would be very concerned if he started spending time talking footy with a Sportsbet individual in a hotel room.

Oh and “Pav said…” that’s a pretty poor argument for saying Harvs is an idiot.


This is getting beyond a joke, he didn’t want to even watch 2 or 3 minutes of a game of a team he was playing the following week. My mate was getting ready to go out with him (quick shitt/shower/shave), it never was a question of watching the whole game.

He told my mate (they are both Essendon boys born & bred & had known each other for YEARS), that he NEVER watched games on TV. Do you really think that is a smart thing to do, when your team is based in WA? I noticed Worsfold watched the Freo/Hawks game the other day, what a waste of time that must have been for him.

Oh I forgot Pav is a farking useless carnt, because he plays for someone else. I forgot golden rule number , EVERY single player who plays for an opposition team is a child molesting farking prrick, & EVERY person that plays for the Bombers is a GOOD BLOKE. Here’s more news for you, Dermott Brerton & Dougie Hawkins are great blokes to have a beer with, Matthew Lloyd would bore you shittless.

Pav & Nathan Buckley were the ONLY 2 high profile footy players/coaches who publically backed us during the saga . For that they both have my eternal respect.


At what point does the football world start to acknowledge Saad as an All Australian contender? His last 2 months have been outstanding. Rarely gets beaten 1-1, and devastating on the attack.


Probably next year if he keeps it up.


Nice rant.

However I am still not sure why you care so much that he didn’t like watching live games on TV. The guy probably watched (and still does) millions of replays during the week with a lot of break down in passages, etc and so forth. So maybe he has had his fill and simply didn’t want to watch it at that moment. You have then extrapolated into making it seem the guy is the worlds biggest idiot.

As for Pav, no, he was a decent player, but that doesn’t mean he is a decent bloke and that what he said about Harvs was correct. From what I have heard Pav and Harvs had a very strained relationship, so any comments from him are going to have a slant that isn’t positive.


Is he part of the Secret Service?


The Israeli one?


Double agent?


The best example of a great bloke from an opposition club you can think of is Brereton? I’d question your judgement on anything for that alone


Made it into AFL team of the week


The way Saad plays he would not have been amiss in the 2000 premiership side.


His kicking is far better than I was led to believe.