#42 Adam Saad


Nobody ever said Brereton was boring. You can be an interesting wanker very easily.

Lloyd never struck me as a super interesting guy. He does seem a little boring. But Lloyd never struck me as a wanker.


Again a typical farking Blitz response. No extrapolation has happened whatsover, so stop making stories up

I gave 5 (FIVE - let me spell it out for you) separate reasons why I thought MH was an ordinary coach & you concentrate on ONE.

Rather than you concentrating on that one reason, why don’t you look at the other FOUR also. Also why don’t you tell me all your reasons why you think MH is such a great coach - you know, like the time he encouraged Adam McPhee to change clubs after the trading period so that Freo wouldn’t have to give us any compo.

Now you know why I didn’t want to mention the hotel room incident (even though it happened years ago) on here, because it brings out all the bed wetters & such.


Why would we trade him out to another club?!?


No your post was an example of Blitz posting and bed-wetting over nothing.

Your 5 examples were not very good.

Quality posting to have a go at him for being friends with a guy he has known most of his life and played footy with. Such a terrible thing for him to do.

That’s opinion, not fact. You have no evidence as to why he knocked it back and what his plans were.

Not sure what Pav backing Watson has to do with him commenting on whether Harvs can coach or not. “Oh look, he supported Watson therefore he must know whether a coach is good at their job or not”. Seems a rather trite way to determine something.

This one is about the only one that has any sort of validation merits. Although I would add that most clubs have a very predictable way of kicking out. Hawthorn barely changed theirs, the only difference was they had the cattle to actually make it work no matter what the opposition did to counter it. Not so much these days and now they struggle. Still doesn’t speak to whether he is a good coach or not though. Hurls did all right under his guidance, same with Gleeson, Hooker also and most of the other backs. Focusing on one area of failure whilst ignoring the other areas of success seems a little disingenuous.


Unanswered once again


How 'bout that Saad guy, eh?

BOG for mine.


He’s fast, I like him.


Seriously, that’s what you focused on? Go ahead and ignore the fact I responded to your silly 5 points.

I will use one point and one point only: Sheeds rated Harvs as a very good assistant coach


Saad is very similar to Saab …

Boy’s a JET!


But on the other side, Saab and Scania go together like horse and carriage.


And Scanias are very very good trucks.


Remember what @benfti thought it was a racist remark, when what it represented was a shittruck.


Yep. But Ben sees racism everywhere. Well, if you’re white anyway.


Anyone reckon he is a sneaky chance to make the AA squad? Blokes 1-1 contesting ability is elite and offers decent drive off half back.

I reckon there’s still a bit of improvement left in him next year and the team improving will only help.


Why would you compare Saad to an old crappy jet!


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Da faq?

You know that’s the JAS 39 Gripen, … right?


Don’t believe the press it ain’t that good.




Just goes to show how intimidating he is to the rest of the league. Not the first time he’s been targeted, and definitely not the last.
Is there a better small defender in the league? For me I can’t think of anyone besides Vlaustin, Laird or Lloyd that’s at his level but no one runs it out of defence better than Saad.


I’m still farkin livid about this.
Want to rip that carnt’s head off.