#42 Adam Saad


I totally missed this because I was watching the play further down the field. It must have been pretty late. Gonna watch the replay now.



Showed what a weak flog brown is. Wiped a guy out who had his eyes on the ball, behind the play. Then did NOTHING the rest of the match. Seemed to not want to go anywhere near the contest for the rest of the game

Weak dog.

Also how dumb is he, in a week where everyone was talking about an off the ball incident, he goes and does that. Moron.

Should be looking at 4 weeks minimum, that is not counting if saad has any broken bones


Don’t forget the Essendon discount.


Massive hit which would surely rattle him. You’d think he’d be unlikely against the Tigers but who knows with concussion.

Dog hit.



That was a very ordinary act. Saad had taken 3 steps after he’d disposed of the ball. Brown had time to think about it and just lined him up. Should get a heavy penalty whether or not he got him in the head.


Does that mean because its a Bomber’s player he gets a discount from the Tribunal blokes?


Just watching the replay now and was suprised to see that the incident happened directly in front of Heppell.
Someone needs to tell the captain to fly the flag when one of his boys gets dropped because walking straight past is fckn embarrassing.


I thought he went back into it. At the grounds, could have sworn I saw him in the pack of players getting into it after the play had stopped.


Okay then, all i could see was Stringer and Belly getting into Brown and then quickly getting outnumbered by saints players.
I still remember Heppell walking past BJ when he had 3 scum players on top of him earlier in the year, not good enough from your capt.


Saad will be fine next Friday night


Pretty sure hep was on the group d checking if Saad was OK. Better then a rubbish push and shove


Just watched again - Heppell was the one kneeling down with Saad before the medical team even got there. Appropriate captain’s response IMO.


Cotchin went from being a fairly ‘soft’ type of leader and has now become quite the flag flyer, in more ways than one.


That clip was quite misleading in it’s (literal) perspective.


You remember incorrectly.


I don’t know what the TV cameras showed but there was plenty of Bombers getting into the Saints and plenty more checking on Saad.

Play was also still going on the whole time, and the ball had time to go forward for an Essendon behind, get kicked out and go up the other end for a set shot before the umpires actually decided it might be a good idea to stop the play with someone lying on the ground concussed


They are so fking bad with that. How hard is it to stop the game. Umpires are a pack of oblivious tools


They only stop the game if it interferes with play or if the stretcher is called for. Otherwise they are instructed to keep the game going. It is up to the medical staff to stop it quickly. You would end up with the game taking forever as players try to milk being hurt to slow the game down and control the ball in a tight contest.