#42 Adam Saad


Game should have been stopped straight after our point.

It was obvious he was hurt bad & he was in the middle of the farking ground.


Essendons Brown could’ve done a bit more to impede the saints Brown,


What, like read his mind?


I’m sick of Mitch Brown looking out for his twin brother.


Wow watching the replay and this is a really bad PR embarassment for the AFL and a real showing of either the ineptitude of AFL trained umpires or essendon bias

Two umpires have clear 30 metre vision of the incident, no report, no stopping the game

That was even more dangerous than the Gaff incident, Gaff was a wild swing, this was a full second of sizing him up, eyes only for Saad, and he collected him like a coward punch when he was not even expecting it

Borderline assault, hits Saad in the jaw, very nearly could have been much worse, the intent though was to take him out

Anything less than 5 weeks and the AFL confirms their umpires are so incompetent that they actually are putting players health and safety at risk with their constant ineptitude in adjudicating essendon games

What a ■■■■■■■ shitshow that not only do massive sniping hits on Zerrett go unpaid and not taken to the tribunal that teams are now brazen enough to do this

This has been building up, and it’s a blight on the AFL and the game that it has gone unchecked this long, we are lucky there hasn’t been greater injury

AFL, what a ■■■■■■■ joke organisation


I feel like Sydney did this once. Might have been against brisbane. That being said, surely common sense would have been that Saad was clearly in trouble. Its not like he was carrying on Neymar style


And yet there are still people arguing “fair bump” and that “it wasn’t high, Saad injured himself with the whiplash”

Disgusting. Saad couldn’t even brace himself for a hit because there was absolutely no reason at that point in the game for anyone to make contact with him.

Obviously a targeted hit too as lots of people before the game were talking about how Saints would struggle to stop the run of Saad and McKenna this week. Especially after JJ ripped them to shreds the week before.


I’m so glad we switched to Michael Christian this year…

It’s just wonderful to get their bafflingly ■■■■ decisions so quickly after each game.


Besides running and bouncing, what does he actually do well? Butchers it by foot more often than not.


Other than dancing and singing, what did Elvis do?


Well he defends and uses his pace to clean up his team mates mess’ in the backline.


Who cleans up his momentum killing turnovers?


Butchered acting?


More often than not hey?

He has 83.5 disposal efficiency this season and 82.5 for his career (Which is in the elite category) so rather than judging him by one average night how about on reality?

Also he is one of the best 1v1 players we have in our team and if more of his team mates showed the same sort of defensive mindset we would be playing finals.


Is it his fault that he has no one to kick to?

Is it his fault that the forwards lead away from him?

His kicking is better than any of us thought it was.


This stat means nothing without context. He and McKenna are supposed to be our drive from half-back and they let us down after their great runs.


Here is the context.

You asked “what does he do apart from running and bouncing” and said that “he turns it over more often than not”.

I told you what else he does apart from run and bounce and provided a stat that shows that he in fact does not turn it over more often than not and is in fact in the elite category for disposal.

If you don’t agree with that show me something to disprove it.


Very quickly coming a poor poster on here. Didn’t know you before 5 minutes ago, and waiting to see if you have nothing constructive or useful to add. Up there with Donnington. At least he was entertaining in his stupidity



And if you haven’t listened to that clip, you really, really should.


That goes with the sickle.