#42 Adam Saad


I find all of this very odd.


I’m pretty sure the Bible says/said the same thing. I mean Christians used to travel the world slaughtering non-Christians…for me it’s a matter of interpretation. I guess you could say I choose not to interpret the “teachings” in bible word for word, action by action. I go with an interpretation that I believe is right and portrays the person I am and I will teach my beliefs to my children as they grow up:
Tolerance, understanding, inclusiveness, love thy neighbor, fairness, equality etc
Wether they choose to remain in the faith or not is up to them as they grow up

I still have my faith thou. Does that make me a bad orthodox because I don’t do what is taught in the Bible 100%

Who says that Saad, Bachar and majority of other Muslims don’t do the same thing?
I know for a fact that there are some Muslims who do the same thing as me. They have their faith, they pray, Ramadan…but they don’t follow the teachings 100% of the time. If they did, we wouldn’t be friends.


if there’s one thing adam most certainly doesn’t deserve, it’s his thread being turned in to a religious convo, they always end up the worst.


Yep. Mods need to do some gardening in here.


Exactly why the AFL should stop being thought police and actually just focus on making the game the best it can be. Something they forgot a long time ago.

No more religious posts from me now. But to be fair Adam made a religious statement.

He is a gun and smokey for AA squad.


You’re a Sam Harris fan, yeah?


Whats the problem?

Hes saying hes proud to be a Muslim, and proud to be an Australian.

Ones religion, ones nationality.


Now we just need a reference to cultural Marxism and we’ll have “intellectual dark web” bingo.


Interesting that call they called themselves Muslim, Australians. I thought it was the other way around or is it that the American version?


It’s not a “problem” as such. It’s just an observation. I find it odd that he can’t say one without the other, or rather, he can say he’s Muslim but he can’t say he’s Australian without specifying that he’s a Muslim Australian.


I’m a white Australian.
Is that weird?
Should we talk about that?
Should I be saying I’m an Australian white?
Maybe if I say it that way then I’ll be more Australian.


I’m an Essendon Australian, and damn proud of it.


The topic of conversation was literally about being a Muslim in Australia, and the reason he’s being talked to about it is because he’s Muslim and Australian. It’s not weird in the lead up to Dreamtime when a player says they’re a proud Indigenous Australian or Aboriginal footballer.


Im sure he is perfectly capable of saying one without the other, but since the only reason why he is having to make the statement at all is because of comments made surrounding a muslim ban or whatever, it seems salient to emphasise the fact that one can be both Muslim and Australian at the same time. It’s just for emphasis. Youre reading too much into it.


And pride in sections of the crowd continually shouting “F’ Rance!”


Although I am white, anglo, born, bred here, family arrived on First Fleet etc, Adam is much more Aussie than me. This is because an important part of Australian culture is to be proud to be an Aussie. Adam is, whereas discussions like this make me despair for our lucky country.


Is he saying I am a Muslim first or is it the way he just interprets himself? I am curious.

I am Jewish but I do not describe myself as a Jewish, Australian. Is someone asks me I say I am Australian.
I am also a Buddhist but I don’t describe myself as a Buddhist, Jewish, Australian. Is it culture and maybe a generational thing?

All just semantics I guess.


I’m a tall Australian.

Adjective, Noun. It’s a pretty logical order.

I’m not going shopping for a jumper green.

Edit: Also, even if you reverse them, he’s not exactly indicating his desire to restore the glory of the Caliphate.


How about start a religion thread if this stuff is so important to you.
Trashing a player thread with this stuff is just crap.


I am greatly conflicted. I have been a devout non believer in all religions for over 50 years, but at the same time l lay claim to following Essendon, that is my religion.