#42 Adam Saad


I believe in the 2019 Bombers!


Could Saad run on water???


Along with a bit of bread, … Yes.


A little bit of water, a distinct possibility.


Sorry but I have to ask; how can you be Jewish and Buddist ?

Both hold quite different religious philosophy.


Jewish by background, presumably. And practising Buddhist.


I am awaiting the calls for the AFL to cancel women’s round, clash for cancer, anzac day, country weekend, Freeze MND, the good friday game, the silk-miller one, St Kilda’s rainbow one, etc etc etc.

But that’s not going to happen, is it.


Like a Catholic Muslim then ?


Not sure either catholicism or islam have the ethnic history (largely enforced) that judaism does.


I get that some may see being Jewish as ethnic, but you could use the same argument for Bomber supporters.

I guess whatever rocks your boat in terms of labelling yourself is fair enough.


That’s very un Christian of you.


I often listen to a Buddhist monk speak who is also a Christian minister. He moves quite easily between the 2 religions, finding much common ground. Rather than focusing on philosophical differences regarding the existence of god, or potential conflict between impermanence versus an eternal soul, or the different view of humans as possessing Buddha nature or just being a bunch of sinners; he uses a more common language of meditation, mindfulness, kindness, compassion etc to describe any religious path. He gets a full house of listeners each week.

Although I believe in impermanence and the non-existence of god, it doesn’t take very long to start talking about this mystical force of mother nature or the power of the cosmos, and I am recognising some inherent power which Christians just label as god. Similarly Buddhist ideas of consciousness and rebirth can be reconciled with Christian ideas of an eternal soul, even though there is fundamental conflict between anything eternal and the observation that everything is impermanent.

It is also quite common to get Christians (laypeople and ministers) practicing vipassana meditation, which was taught by the Buddha.


Aaaaaaaaand bring it back to Saad, thanks.


Saad’s ace.


I am Jewish by birth. I am not a practicing Jew in all aspects of Judaism. I am not a Zionist which distresses some of my extended family.

You might say I was converted to Buddhism by several very unusual and strange experiences. Happy to share it with you if you are interested, pm me. I am a real bitzer in terms in lineage.


sigh… let’s try this again.

Saad is awesome!!!


Saad is Jewish???




Did someone say Saad was Jewish?


Well, he doesn’t eat pork, and he’s got a beard, so yeah…probably.