#42 Adam Saad


The concern is getting in before Carlton get Gibbs picks


Yeah but Nah.

Realise that everyone is super keen to think players will just go wherever… but history suggests that when they nominate a club… they want that club.

FC are crap and will always be crap… we are awesome and heading towards really big things (everyone can see that) so why would you choose FC?? There is absolutely no reason why you would.

We have the best training facilities, the best team, the best song, the jumper, the best history… nuff said.


Surely it is now simply #24 for Saad? Nice and simple.


Agree but then what do we do to get stringer?


#28 + GWS future second for a pick in the teens, off for Stringer. Simples.


Getting Saad is a fait accompli for me given we have 4 2nd round picks spread across the next 2 drafts. I dare say our highest priority is finding a trade partner to swap 2 of those into a 1st round selection to give to the Dogs for Stringer. I think we are in a pretty decent position to get those 2 deals done with a week left.


So assuming GWS finish top 4 like the past few years, that would be a pick between 32 and 36.

So pick 28 + 32 for say 17? I hope someone will take that offer but not sure they will.


And still have Francis requesting a trade so further currency to come from crows if trade happens.

Fark Port


I reckon Francis was only going to be traded if we needed the picks. Not sure we do, now.


Francis requested it. Nothing about us putting him up as requirement for the picks.

Will still go if deal suits us. I’m still hopeful it’s us satisfying Crows best for them to hand over Cameron to Brisbane, and Schache to us.


Which is much more likely now with Adelaide having the Mebourne/Lever picks.


Agree AN10. I think a deal on Francis would ideally be one the last piece of business we do if one of the SA club come in late on and put us an offer that we deem suitable. Personally I would like for us to hold steady on him because I believe in the talent and it would be great if we can work on those issues with him. With the Crows having plenty of 1st round picks after the Lever trade, and maybe one more if they send Cameron to the Lions, they might decide he is worth a punt.


Anyway back to Saad.

Hand him over GC!


Yup. We go into next year with our first and second round picks with only sacrificing our third to get Smith over the line this year. Would be a pretty good trade period for Jackets and a huge trade period for the club in the context of the last decade or so.


What makes you think the crows actually want him?


Get happy, get Saad. Pieces of the jigsaw falling into place neatly.


Huddo is confident the Saad deal will get done tomorrow




Get the Saad in!


Thats bout right. Worst case 24 and be done with it