#42 Adam Saad


Meet in the middle.

24 + 46 (probs 48) to GC

Saad and there current 37 to ess


Could live with that


I just quietly wonder if Jackets is looking at stockpiling picks for the 2018 draft.


Hurry up and offer pick 24 for him


This is a bit more complicated now. GC has a stack of 2nd round picks. Do they really want another? And If we’re trying to turn 2 2nds into a pick 17-20 for stringer they may also be looking to upgrade their 2nds to 1st’s.

I suspect Adelaide and Brisbane might be our first point of call tomorrow re picks and Francis. Just to see where the land lies.


Essendon’s 2018 2nd round could work


I think what happens is we either trade our two 2nd round picks this year to either Brisbane for one of their first round picks (18 I think) or Richmond’s (17) and then throw in some other late picks to get Stringer, and then offer GC a second rounder in next years draft for Saad. Alternatively we offer our pick 24 for Saad and our 29/second round next year + loose change for Stringer.

I’ve also read Francis and our second round pick for Adelaide’s 10.


Is there a player anywhere in the league that wants to go to GC? Because they sure as hell need some.


They are a massive problem for the AFL.


It’s going to get pretty ugly next year I reckon. Fitzroy ugly.


Haven’t read through whole thread but are we seriously considering 24 for Saad? 29 is overs

He is quick but makes heaps of mistakes and cannot win a one on one in the dark against Caleb Daniel

29 if it’s a no then move on




Mate, you must not watch much football if you think 29 is overs for Saad. You could have a great rebounding half back with a decent kick (or an untried player in a weak draft).






AFL will never allow GC to flounder like Fitzroy. That would be admitting they got it wrong.

I expect they will find a way to give them a competitive advantage just like they have with Sydney.

Sydney are approaching 40 years in the comp and are still getting handouts. I expect the same will happen with GC, Brisbane and GWS.

If I were the Dogs, Saints or North I would be more concerned.


They will need to use that for kennedy imo.


Yeah, you are right there. I didn’t take into account the fact that with Fitzroy they were trying to drive them into the ground. I still think they are going to struggle to keep GC afloat though.


Yep, the AFL wanted them or another team gone.

The AFL is still heaviily reliant on talent that comes out of Victoria and until they can produce more from the northern states then it will continue to struggle.


Future 2nd round in a strong draft, just fkn take it GC