#42 Adam Saad


Sounds like this one is close to getting done. Would be surprised if its not done tomorrow one way are another. Then its on to the String, recon we will get him but it might go down to the wire. At his best his worth at least a very early 1st rounder. At moment after 2 average years, and all his dramas a mid 2nd. So somewhere between seems about right to me.


Serious question, how many GC Suns games did you watch in 2016/17? Me possibly 12-15

Don’t rate the bloke, just like Jasper Pittard he looks the goods but makes to many mistakes

McKenna is our part defensive runner, we don’t need Saad


Agreed. Much more likely to get someone playing ball if 24 is one of the two picks offered for a late first rounder.

Like the offer of 29 + steak knives for Saad.


Did you seriously watch 12-15 GCS games last season??
Why would anyone do that?


Saad will be done next, maybe tomorrow. Still some work to do on Stringer deal but think it gets done. It may get tight but there’s no chance he’s going back to the Dogs. Poor bloke is on tenterhooks as he’s leaving for the US on the weekend.


Over 2 seasons


Agree with Saad deal occurring tomoz but a massive hurdle to get Stringer!


Cheers mate - exciting way to end the week! Any info on the specifics?


I guess it’s almost in our favour to have the Saad deal pretty well sorted but leave it late. Once we make the deal the Dogs know what cards we have left. Then again, just get them adon’t pay next year’s first round pick or one of the second round.


One would think he would be a handy addition to the team. A.Morgan isn’t there as of yet unfortunately. So an extra line breaker to go along with McKenna makes sense. But in no way is he worth more than D.Smith in trade value. Next years (GWS) second rounder is spot on. Hope they can work it out.

P.S i know i haven’t anything new here, except that i don’t believe Saad is worth more than Smith.

but fun to join in sometimes.



Assuming our next years 2nd round pick for Saad?


You make some compelling arguments


I think given how much more valuable 2018 picks are being perceived, and how many picks GC have, it might just be something like a 2018 second (ours or GWS) for Saad and either #36 or #38.

That appears overs, but I think it reflects the views on the picks in the 2017 versus the 2018 drafts.


I think along those lines as well except maybe upgrading our 29 to 25 or something like that


Looks a certainty I reckon and that will be another deal done.


Spot on. Only thing is that GC have a rep of being dicks at the trade table.


Easy fix. Change the name to Cold Coast and relocate them to Tassie. We should have got that license anyway. Better late than never.


Players would leave even faster. At least there’s cocaine and sunshine in Queensland.


The way it currently stands I can’t see Tassie getting a side unless either Hawks or North relocate and I don’t like the chances.

They actually have the perfect financial model right now so it’s probably not necessary. I’m sure I heard Kennett say that tassie is worth something about 3mil a year to them and attracts about 50mil to tassies economy.

With those types of numbers it is a win win for the AFL without the risk of having to invest in a new side.

If Tasmania were serious about a side they would be best to switch off totally from the hawks and north and show the AFL what they are missing out on.


All jokes aside I agree, sadly. Quickest way for Tassie to get an AFL side would be to offer state govt. support for an A-league license.