#42 Adam Saad


Which means:

  1. they know they have stuffed up with Pick #11
    2… Stringer is leaving them


Yeah I’d say the dogs have in principal agreed to the two second rounder depending on what they can do with them. However, we may ship one off to GC before they can.

They have blown it, should just chase 24 and next years 2nd. And be done with it for Stringer, then go work out what they can do later.


Reckon they’ve probably held out hoping there’d be some better interest from a 3rd party. Nothgig forthcoming, time to take their self inflicted medicine.
2x 2nds is probably a decent deal if they can turn into the 1st they want or a player.


Just 24 for Stringer. If they want a sweetener that ship sailed.


no one is offering better, geelong MAYBE offering 20, not a huge difference. We’d win out considering we are the preferred destination


Cats want to take 20 to the draft.


Exactly brother…had a chance for 11 but blew it…you snooze you lose…flogs.


his manager said it will get done

just reaching mutually beneficial positions



Marty Pask on Saad - He will go to Essendon


“Adam will be going to Essendon”

Saad’s manager.


Sorry Damo, he’s ours.


Eat a ■■■■ damo!!




Dodoro farks Carlton again


further, said saad will be at essendon twice.

basically happening.


tbf to Damo he was saying “Saad to Essendon” from the start


Hey Dogs, how about just 24 then?



Never be fair to Damo.


Saad deal basically done then…just sorting out a few things…2 down 1 to go…


Apparently Abblett deal will be finalised next week now. Do GC and Bombers get the Saad deal done now?